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A completely useless, stupid font. I just made this for giggles. Although I think that the absolutely horrendous quality of it might turn you off from giggling. This is the only font where I won't get irritated if you vote it a one. Vote it a negative number, if you can figure out how to do that. By the way, if you don't know the significance of the number "1337", you are officially branded a n00b.
Info: Created on 18th April 2011 . Last edited on 18th April 2011.
License Creative Commons
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What IS the significance of the number 1337?
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 28th April 2011
lol random
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 28th April 2011
CaptianOlimar, 1337 = LEET = "elite".

It is stylized text-speak, originally designed to get around censors, or for quick typing when gaming, etc.
Comment by MegaPixel 28th April 2011
1 7H0U6H7 7H47 R=12 G=6 4ND J=9

Comment by Luxvero 4th June 2011
7H15 15 5UCH 4 N1C3 F0N7, 1 11K3 17. 100X PR377Y 600D 47 P1XE1 5123. 1 7H1NK U 5H0U1D 4DD R3GU14R 13773R5 1N5734D 73H NUM84H2. WH47 U R 60NN4 DO W17H "I" 4ND "L"? 7H3Y R 807H "1", T3H "1337", WH1CH 15 4150 73H 71713, 54Y5 7H4T "L" 5H0U1D 8 5H0WN 45 "1", 8U7 Y0U PU7 T3H NUM84H "1" 1N5734D OF "I" 50 1 DUNN0 101.

D0 1 N33D 2 8 4 H4X0R 2 R473 7H15 F0N7 N33N 574R2?

N1C3 5U6635710N2 1UXV3R0, 8U7 15N'7 U5463 0F D0U813 13773R2 K1ND4 N00820R15H?

137'5 5P34K 0N1Y 73H 1337/H4X/1N73RN372 14N6U463 H3R3.
Comment by Neoqueto 5th June 2011
Comment by Neoqueto 5th June 2011
L0L N153 P1X
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 6th June 2011
1 5U66357 P=9 4ND G=6. 17'5 N07 L4M3.

1'M W0RK1N6 0N 4 M0V13 C4LL3D "7H3 CUR53 0F M47H" ND 7H15 F0N7 M16H7 83 U53FUL.
Comment by anonymous-479865 10th June 2012
L0L, 4N 4C7U4L 1337 F0N7. IO/IO
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th April 2013

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