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Info: Created on 16th March 2011 . Last edited on 20th March 2011.
License Creative Commons
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It has such promise but it's a bit of a bastard. The s, f and t aren't particularly convincing either. I haven't even attempted z. Any takers? You get to share a nice, crisp slice of hot air for your pains...
Comment by intaglio 17th March 2011
Absolutely brilliant. Your best of the best. The x needs help, though.

I have a smile on my face at seeing this delightful beauty.
Comment by thalamic 17th March 2011
I shall give it a 20 since I have thalamic and minimum at my command. :-)
Comment by thalamic 17th March 2011
i absolutely agree with thal.
maybe this could help finding the right "x":
Comment by kix 17th March 2011
WOW! This is awesome, but I can see where you might have some problems with certain letters.
Comment by aphoria 17th March 2011
Thanks everybody for the encouragement. I can see there's going to be no way of avoiding a "fussy" looking x. I think the alternatives you've suggested kix are probably the only possibilities. The second of the two options looks better to me for some ungraspably intuitive reason... it's probably something to do with the distribution of air in the second one seems more comfortable than in the first.

There's not much phonic difference between s and z and x. They're all snaky sounding things; let's conflate them all into s which is the least problematic, and do away with the other two.

The quick brown fos jumps over the lasy dog. See, it's not much of a loss.

kis might not like the idea, though.
Comment by intaglio 17th March 2011
Comment by kix 17th March 2011
I think we can safely abandon this one about now. All I can see are headaches, more's the pity.
Comment by intaglio 18th March 2011
oh boy... you suffer so hard.
The O's don't fit. what about cutting the upper left corner?
Comment by kix 18th March 2011
I think it's an intractible problem: weight. If I felt like bashing my head against a wall I could use half-width bricks in various ways to beef up the caps. But I know it's doomed. I raced forward with no forethought. Well, that's a surprise.

The actual idea has merit, but not using the curved bricks. They are what tie it to this resolution, scaling tricks or not. I'll put it on the back burner and maybe try again later, this time with some sort of octagonal-hybrid monstrosity.

Pity to have wasted my naming-homage to my favourite pianist on this stillbirth.
Comment by intaglio 19th March 2011
Look at this brilliant x that minimum suggested. It's so bleedin' obvious yet I never would have seen it.
Comment by intaglio 20th March 2011
yay. this fits indeed fine.
Comment by kix 20th March 2011
I liked this so much that I couldn't resist cloning it. If you ever decide to finish it, here are some suggestions. The main liberty I took was to shorten the ascenders by one brick to balance them with the slightly smaller capitals.
Comment by four 26th January 2013
Nice clone four!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th January 2013
I like what you've done with it. It's become a co-creation: there's as much of you in it as there is of me, and that's pleasing.
Comment by intaglio 28th January 2013
Why was this ever abandoned to begin with? It's beautiful. Four's clone IS really great, but you could take your version the caps in a completely different direction that would be equally interesting.
Comment by fugitiveglue 28th January 2013
I'm suffering from fs fatigue. I've done so much of it I've bricked myself into a corner.
Comment by intaglio 28th January 2013
DEAR DEAR INTAGLIO, you've given so much to FS ! You were there since its creation. You are one of the very few to have brought a real unique approach. I OWE YOU MUCH even if our paths may seem different at first, but looking more closely...
You exploded with invention, even while trying to keep the line with the tradition. There was still a place for a funky, kinky feeling just where many others would surely have gone so boring... You are and will always be one of the very VERY few i deeply respect here and you definitely deserve to have a rest from FS in your life if it is what you feel for better. JUst a little sincere Hommage from your ever Neurone.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 29th January 2013
You've been one of the people I've looked up to since I've started fontstructing, creating amazing fonts and discovering composites. You are also one of the few people I highly respect on FS, along with AFT, p2pnut, thalamic, demonics and a few others. You can take a break if you need to. Just some more homage from Noah (winty5)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 29th January 2013
But Intaglio, you know, i'm also suffering from fs fatigue, at many levels, but i put my last forces in finishing the realization of my BIG 3 hard years PROJECT mostly underestimated here, especially by Meek, in a way which could leave me no regret. 130 fonts for my Big TESTAMENT BOOK, (number 130 will be a selection of my best "ARCHIVES", and 3 non alphabetic series which have already been included in the Big Book.
Dear Intaglio, i know you left many works (if not all) unfinished but your purpose was different and i guess you didn't have to : It was more for the pleasure to open many new innovative doors, not like me taking it as first step to build a Pharaoh's Pyramid and die with all my slaves in it, the slaves being also me.
But my lack of humility has a price : my body aches from everywhere and i simply CAN'T abandon so close of the very final realization of this typgraphic fascinating journey! Once again thanks for the great inspiration you were through and through
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 29th January 2013
Hi Intaglio. Your work that you call icky, is better than some people's best. Even the best of artists get a little down with their work, and feel trapped. I study and play chess, but sometimes I take a break, and study Russian, or Spanish. I might not be a master, but I do enjoy the freshness after a break.
Comment by jphturtle 29th January 2013
I'm feelin' the love!
Comment by intaglio 29th January 2013
And much love there is - for you and your work. You are genuinely one of the nice guys.

Whatever your decision, I hope you stay in touch and visit from time to time ... it wouldn't be the same without you buddy.
Comment by p2pnut 30th January 2013

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