by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix)

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Info: Created on 2nd October 2010 . Last edited on 15th October 2010.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) 6th October 2010
Any way you look at it, it is a striking beauty.
Comment by thalamic 9th October 2010
Thank you thalamic! =D
Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) 9th October 2010
Is this based on anything?
I saw this on another site.

Boogie Monster
Comment by djnippa 15th October 2010
Comment by djnippa 15th October 2010
Golly! Thanks for showing me that font! I wanted to create this font because I want the font on this album cover. Apparently, me and my friends couldn't find that font. Thus, I have to make one myself.
Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) 15th October 2010
EB Boogie Monster is only $9.95 from www.MyFonts.com.
A good price in my opinion, you should buy it, it'll save you a lot of time.
Comment by djnippa 15th October 2010
Nah, I'll pass. I just want the identical font from that album cover. x.x
Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) 15th October 2010
There are probably plenty of existing typefaces in this style. I think what you've created is quite different both to EB Boogie Monster and the type on the album cover– it has its own qualities. Some characters are more legible than others. I like the sample, but I can't read "Avant".
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 15th October 2010
There are plenty of multiline deco/disco typefaces out there, but none match the Rainbow sample in my own deep search of the usual channels.

iFM, you may want to take this case to the typophile.org type id boards before customizing your own version in a vector editor. If anyone can crack the case (aside from the band’s graphic designer!), you will find them there. And if it helps, here’s the highest-res available for your one lead : )

There’s also the strong possibility that this is custom designed (we’re only talking 14 distinct glyphs and it appears to be the band’s current logo), though I swear I saw an N like that in some font sample somewhere. Good Luck!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 15th October 2010
@ will.i.ૐ. Your power of research are strong. I also tried finding the exact font for iFutureMix, after they displayed the album cover. I gave up though, as I thought EP Boogie Monster was probably what Rainbow was based on, just tweaked for the logo.
Comment by djnippa 15th October 2010
Is this the font you're looking for?
If so, it's called Akka, and it's free at www.dafont.com.
Comment by fontcollector 15th October 2010
Brilliant detective work fontcollector.
Comment by djnippa 15th October 2010
@ djnippa: Thanks, but no sleuthing skills were required. I recognized the Akka font immediately and knew I had seen it recently at dafont.com. :)
Comment by fontcollector 15th October 2010
@djnippa: Thanks for your compliment, but I guess I fumbled this attempt.

@foncollector: Quite elementary – but good work nonetheless :)

Scouring dafont, I failed to review the separate “Groovy” category that houses Akka,
instead looking through the entries of “Retro”. That was lazy, if logical! “Retro” contains all the other multiline art deco themed fonts, but I see now that the more ’60s-influenced revival of the style attained “Grooviness”. It looks like dafont is the only free font site that currently categorizes Akka in a somewhat useful way. :/
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 15th October 2010
@fontcollector: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I really appreciate for your help! =D
Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) 16th October 2010
You're welcome, iFutureMix! I'm happy I was able to identify the font for you.
Comment by fontcollector 16th October 2010
why isnt it a top pick?
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 29th April 2011

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