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Inspired by InfGlyphs Max


Latin extA-E










other indian languages


and more!

larger then 97104x full's glyphs. when finished

Plane 0: [THIS FONT]

Plane 1:

Plane 2:

Plane 3:

[No Characters are Identified in planes 4 through D, as of U15.0 but my Extra Letters Font represents Latin Extended-H]

Note that I can't create the flag glyphs or squence glyphs. E F 10

PUA Assignments:

E000-E020: Extended Punctuation-A

E020-E0D0: Meyziko

E0D0-E110: (Spacing) Modifier (Tone) Letters Extended-A

E110-E16F: Chit-de

E16F-E1BF: Combining Marks Supplement-1

E1BF-E1FF: Greek Supplement

E1FF-E22F: Latin extended random

E22F-E41F: Latin Ext. D Extended-A!?

E41F-E44F: Square Symbols???

(E44F-E6FF: MCian Syllables)

E44F-E52F: Cyrillic Extended-E

E52F-E64F: PT PUA Letters

E64F-E6FF: Hebrew Extended-A/Hebrew Supplement

E6FF-E76F: Latin Extended-H (Llee and ligature NE)

E76F-E77F: Number Forms Supplement

E77F-E7FF: Liran

E77F-E8BF: Symbols And Pictographs Ext. B??

E8BF-E8FF: (Above) Ext.C

E8FF-E93F: Alternates for Numbers w/ Enlarged Small Letters

E93F-E95F: Extended Punctuation-B

E95F-E9FF: Cyrillic extended-F

E9FF-EC0F: Latin Extended-I (Ext-G glyphs = caps rum,etc…)

EC0F-ECAF: Arabic Extended-D

ECAF-ECDF: Cyrillic Extended-G (PT glyphs = other unencoded letters)

ECDF-ED7F: Phonetic Extensions-A

ED7F-EDFF: Arabic Extended-E

EDFF-EEAF: Sinhala appendix-A

EEAF-EEFF: Latin Extended-J

EEFF-EF3F: Sinhala appendix-B

EF3F-EF9F: Conscripts ext-A???

EF9F-F03F: Latin Extended-K

F03F-F37F: Latin Extended-L (Alternates)

F37F-F3FF: Cyrillic Extended Additional

F3FF-F49F: Devanagari Extended-B

F49F-F6BF: L,G,C Extended ALL-IN 1

F6BF-F7FF: Extended Punctuation-C

F7FF-F88F: Phonetic Extensions-B

F88F-F8FF: Specials Supplement


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