Fabrieklish Bold

by SUMMER70Ifonts
Cloned from zwashkzkript eYe/FS by elmoyenique.

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the font is working on progress still

Comment by SUMMER70Ifonts Sat, 22nd july

I see you try to find similar letterforms as the "STF_VAN NELLE (Blueprint)" font.

I'm not going to allow cloning of the FontStruction, but let me provide you with some clues that might gain some insight. 

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 22nd july
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 22nd july
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 22nd july

I do like to ask you to remove the STF_VAN NELLE tag please, the 'STF_' tag prefix is for my personal use only. I use this as a method to specifically arrange and catalog my various works, projects and typeface families.

Having your font invading my catalog system first of all is confusing to the nature in which the 'STF_'-prefix is utilized but also kind invasive. Since it really is a functional personalized tag prefix. Other than that yours was inspired by "STF_VAN NELLE" your font really is unrelated to mine. So therefor please change it for example into something like "VAN NELLE", or anything really for that matter, but minus the "STF_" prefix please.

Other that that I think it is also somewhat rude to the original FontStructor, when doing so uninvited.

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 22nd july


Comment by SUMMER70Ifonts Sat, 22nd july

Thanks pal

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 22nd july

Some additional piece of advice since I spot numerous inconsistencies in your font:

— Try to maintain balanced weight distribution

In the case of a geometric sans like yours is, stroke weight (or line thickness) for similar components typically would be roughly equal, with very little or no transition nor stress and only minor optical compensations. And generally speaking, when for example width of the vertical stem for capital letter "I" is one square grid unit, than this value technically speaking is the fonts default stoke weight. And this should be matched throughout the full font for nearly all vertical components. (I tell you this since the stem for capital letter "Y" is too thick and doesn't match your font's default weight ratio)

Horizontal strokes generally seem thicker then they actually are, so they would benefit from having a slight adjustment for optical correction in order to feel correct. But at this point we wander into more advanced type design territory. — Learn more about this subject here and here

Diagonals even get trickier. They need some additional extra care-taking to obtain a balanced weight distribution, still these should match the weight of your vertical components, but due to maths I'm not diving into, a diagonal at 1 square grid unit results in a optical stroke width that is too thin, achieving this perceptual balance requires custom brick composites. Keep in mind that optically matching is different from mathematically matching. — Learn more about this subject here

Here is a visual reference as well:

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 22nd july

the regular one is coming soon! i think this progressing of a font would deal with it.

Comment by SUMMER70Ifonts Sun, 23rd july

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