db Plaque

by beate

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Comment by beate Thu, 23rd june
Comment by beate Thu, 23rd june
Comment by beate Thu, 23rd june
Comment by aphoria Thu, 23rd june

A truly beauty here, Maestra! As I told Frodo7, I think I was right to leave for another time one of the fonts with similar characteristics that I was preparing (a kind of Futura thickened with design modifications) and try to compete now with another style of work. It would have been madness to compete with you like this, since mine had neither the elegance of Frodo's nor the freshness and liveliness that yours has. Congrats one more time!

Comment by elmoyenique Thu, 23rd june

@ elmo

No one should stop you from following what comes to the surface from the bottom of your heart. What prevents you from publishing your font design?

Comment by beate Fri, 24th june

@ a

Every time you speak up, you leave me speechless. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, B

Comment by beate Fri, 24th june

Such a clean and bold design. Despite the "grotesk" nature, there is something so cute and charming about the "Q" and its tail

Comment by tortoiseshell Fri, 24th june

I'm always astonished by the people who have the patience and know-how to patch together smooth curves on FontStruct. This kind of grotesque/neo-grot font that's heavy and expanded is apparently quite in vogue this year!

@Haley Wakamatsu (UkiyoMoji Fonts) (japanyoshi) 

There are designs that are simply classic. And these matter-of-fact grotesque fonts have been one of them for more than 100 years. They haven't just been «en vogue» since this year.

Thanks for the recognition. Oh, I'm not just doing this since this year, because I really like typefaces like this (as well as experimental bold & heavy fonts, bold Fraktur, bold rounded, bold serife...).

This one is based on a design from summer 2017.  


Comment by beate Mon, 27th june

@ tortoiseshell Thanks for the great feedback. 

Comment by beate Mon, 27th june

@Beate: I expected something like this from your design workshop. You have perfected the method of using custom bricks, polygons, and large-scale fontstructions so as to get better control over the shapes and sizes. I learned this technique from you by dissecting and analyzing your works. I still marvel at your ease as you shape your letters. You effortlessly apply the rules and break them, when necessary.

Many people think the sans serifs are the easiest types to design because they are simple geometric forms. It's quite the opposite: they are the hardest. Their geometric elements are far from simple. It takes lots of small adjustments, and optical tricks to achieve overall balance and harmony. Great work. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 Tue, 28th june

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