[BMP + SSF] BlockKie

by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts)

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

BlockKie. This font is based on both "Helvetica" and "Roboto" fonts, and with numerous characters to simply make them more familiar, containing height limit of 16p for most letters, 20x20p limit for CJK/ideographic characters. After downloading it, you can tell me in the comments how was your performance with this "so classic" Sans Serif font! Thanks for downloading :D


> Ver 2.3.43 - 16/08/2022

* Re-designed inverted exclamation, interrogation and interrobang marks and small letter Thorn (þ).

> Ver 2.3.42 - 09/08/2022

* Re-designed Micro sign.

> Ver 2.3.41 - 07/08/2022

* Re-designed latin capital letters X, capital + small Tone Six, Greek capital Chi, Cyrillic capital H and IPA small capital Y.


The latest update includes glyphs fix at a few capital letters and in the punctuation. Follow the pic ;)

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 21st december 2021

Identified a hyphen minus (-) bug, and I fixed it.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 22nd december 2021
Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 22nd december 2021
Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 22nd december 2021


* New dingbats

* Latin Extended G

* Supplemental arrows A

* Now with PUA 2 latin letters

The same will apply to "BlockKie Slab". The Latin Ext G and PUA 2 glyphs were added with help of ScriptSource.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 26th december 2021

Update of today:

* Phonetic extensions supplement (modifier glpyhs)

* Latin ext F

* Supplemental arrows B

* Mathematical operators fully done

* 3K glyphs surpass

* Re-made number 0

* Full enclosed alphanumerics block

* More misc symbols

* Block elements

All these features will be applied to Slab version soon.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 26th december 2021

⊲ and ⊳ appears to be flipped around (Luicide Sans Unicode appeared to contain that one bug, possibly an error in the font)

⊲ should point <<<

⊳ should point >>>

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) 26th december 2021

@Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM)

Verified the characters right now, and yes, I made a small mistake. For a quick work, I copy pasted the symbols and replaced them, without need to draw it again. This time I fixed it because of the system font in my phone (Roboto), it appeared correctly.

Thanks for reporting!

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 27th december 2021

Update of today:

* 4 combining marks' blocks

* Cyrillic ext C

* Deseret

* 1 new currency symbol

* Old italic

* ⊲ and ⊳ symbols fixed (with help of BWM); used a smartphone with Roboto font, instead of Lucida Sans Unicode font in desktop

* Spacing adjusted (7 p to 4 p)

The same has been applied to Slab version.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 27th december 2021

Update of today:

* Bengali alphabet (Devanagari will appear soon)

* Re-made letter D (capital only + cyrillic + accents and strokes + cyrillic supplements)

* Fixed coptic letter Mi (capital + small)

All these features will be applied to Slab as long as possible.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 28th december 2021

Update of today:

* Kerning (.? + ?.) applied

* Devanagari & Devanagari extended unicode blocks

* Some Bengali letters were been fixed

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 29th december 2021

Update of today (again):

* Fixed small letter J + cyrillic Je & greek Yot

* Small letter L width adjusted

* Improved parenthesis symbols

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 29th december 2021

Update of today:

* Braille patterns + misc. mathematical symbols A added

* Full latin ext. E unicode block

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 31st december 2021

Update of today:

* Fixed all capital letters S + cyrillic Dze + dollar sign

* Misc. Mathematical Symbols B unicode block included

* Supplemental arrows C

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 1st january 2022

Update of today:

* Descenders fixed at cyrillic letters Ze, Es and abkhasian Che

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 5th january 2022

Update of today:

* 8 new symbols at Unicode block "Miscellaneous Symbols"

* Supplemental punctuation complete

* Fixed all combining marks

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 7th january 2022

Update of today:

* Fixed small letter G with breve (by accident I made it with a caron 🤡🤡)

* Unicode block "Combining Diacritical Marks" complete

* Fixed all capital letters Schwa (Latin + Cyrillic)

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 9th january 2022

Update of today:

* Armenian alphabet

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 11th january 2022

Update of today (oh yee, again haha)

* Lisu + supplement alphabet

* Halfwidth and Fullwidth forms

* More alphabetic presentation forms glyphs added

* 5K glyphs surpassed

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 11th january 2022

Update of today:

* Fixed letters A (greek Alpha)

* Added more glyphs at "Latin Extended-D"

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 13th january 2022

Added a different brick into the U+2800 glyph to see if the width is FINALLY adjusted, and I made the pixel preview block being drunk 🤡

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 13th january 2022

For some reason... I tested BlockKie into zFont 3 (custom font app for Android), and it seems to be very small, and I don't think it's normal. I tried out adjusting the bottom and top lines for an "exciting" experience, but it didn't solve anything...

(don't ask me about "browm" lol, corrector reasons)

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 15th january 2022

BlockKie is finally back for everyone!

Sorry if I privated the font for a while. Fortunately, it looks like everything is now alright on the font. The few updates were:

* Modified the position to all glyphs (from 0X;2Y to 2X;3Y) for a better spacing experience in the font and then adjusted spacing

* Modified tons of letters and symbols

* Style change

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 23rd january 2022

Update of today:

* 15+ more PUA 2 glyphs

* N'Ko unicode block

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 23rd january 2022

Update of today:

* Re-made 7, A, V, w and Δ characters

* New Unicode set: "Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows"

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 26th january 2022

For a while, I recommend you not download this font. As you can watch below, I'm again fixing all the glyphs...

But I guess it'll be fixed quickly, depending of how I am during these days, haha!

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) 28th january 2022

I'm thinking about replacing all the <not a character> and <private use> glyphs into my custom one. Don't be surprised if the font surpasses over 10K glyphs soon, I might consider it as a "cheating" lol

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Tue, 1st february

Now the font has support to Hebrew alphabet!

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 3rd february

Update of today:

* Fixed all combining diacritical marks again

* Now with support to "Symbols for Legacy Computing"

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Fri, 4th february


Comment by G64(2) Mon, 7th february

Time to test out some letters of "Hiragana". How does it look like? CJK support coming soon to BlockKie! :D

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Mon, 7th february

Update of today:

* Hiragana Unicode block finished

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Tue, 8th february

It's very satisfying to see it's my first time drawing Japanese script glyphs and it seems very good...

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 10th february

A small timeline to show how the font grew up in 2 months

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Fri, 11th february

I had to remake all my CJK spaced glyphs. It's switched between 14x14p to 18x18 for a better development of them.

Now I finally can do more glyphs...

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 17th february

I wonder if variant forms (that occur in Traditional Chinese, Japanese, or Koren) would also be added after CJK is done?

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Thu, 17th february

Korean, not Koren

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Thu, 17th february

Hey there @Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) !

I was thinking to do them after I finish Hangul Jamo and Hangul Compatibility Jamo, but doing them now would be a nice idea, even though there aren't too much to do...

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 17th february

Some "misunderstandings" to be fixed on both of these letters on "Coptic" set.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sat, 19th february

didn't expect this

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sat, 19th february

Hi! This is a very beautiful and impressive looking font, however I'm having trouble downloading this. Is there an alternative download available somewhere besides here? I tried to get it from here but it didn't work and said it "wasn't a valid ttf file".

Comment by TailaBlu Sat, 26th february

Yes, I noticed that this font isn't the one which has this issue. I just noticed that many of the fonts downloaded in FontStruct have this known error, which is preventing from application on desktop, even if you download it in .otf file. I have uploaded this font in an alternate link, if you want to check it out, click here. I don't guess it'll work 100%, but if you want to download it to use in any smartphone, it's free and safe to use.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sat, 26th february

Idk if some of you all which downloaded this font have realized, but BlockKie is passing by a giant update. I'm right now reforming ALL the characters. Instead of pixel-styled characters, I'm working at doing them in a "rounded-geometric" style, and yeah, it'll be a VERY long work. While I'm re-doing all the glyphs, there'll be no new CJK ideographs or any new glyphs, and it might last 3 possible weeks. I recommend you not download it right now while it's in a huge maintenance, because you might be surprised some characters are remade, and others not. Anyways, you can say what you think of them using the sample! ;)

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sun, 27th february

BlockKie has superscripts and subscripts numbers very similar to Helvetica 😅

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Mon, 28th february

"Roboto.ttf" styled alphanumerics in BlockKie

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 10th march

Cherokee Supplement is having a slow process to redo them round... Well, I knew that seemed to be harsh 🥲

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Wed, 23rd march

That emoji was the Smiling Face with Tear emoji. Some emoji are not displayed on specifix platforms. Windows 10 did not display it. I only saw boxes in place of it.

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Wed, 23rd march

@Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) - My Android device, besides it's Android 10, if you use Chrome, that emoji appears, and I can type it with the keyboard lol ... In desktop might not appear it by not staying on U14

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Wed, 23rd march

FINALLY time to remake all CJK glyphs again... After a month.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 7th april

Wow, this is amazing! You did a great job! 
...I'm getting kind of jealous, though...!

Comment by Maxi (Maxi_K) Tue, 19th april

Nice font. F247 and F248 are actually alternate As for Kaolib, an African language. I tend to design them more akin to the Nordic AO/ao, i.e., A734 and A735, but leave the O/o open.

Comment by TCWhite Tue, 19th april

P.S. Scroll down my font Gowa a bit and you'll see the Ao/ao in Latin Extended-A.

Comment by TCWhite Tue, 19th april

Awesome 😎

Comment by G64(2) Wed, 20th april

Thank you everyone!! I'm working frequently on it due to remaster >>now<< all CJK, ideographic and halfwidth glyphs. After it's done, I'm about to FINALLY make more CJK chars. Wait for it !! :D

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Thu, 21st april

BlockKie (non-commercial) is now available at Cufon Fonts!


Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Fri, 22nd april

This font is corrupted.

Comment by Byczek (Patryk Sztylc) Sun, 24th april

@Byczek Did you download the OTF file by chance?

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 24th april

@Byczek (Patryk Sztylc)

I forgot to mention about ".otf" download in the FontStruction description, but, according with BWM, if you download in this format, you really might have troubles on it, though BlockKie is (still) made proper for ".ttf" use.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Mon, 25th april

Also, just like most FontStructions made in this website, this one will also cause issue if you try to use in in desktop. Some times ago I downloaded to test it on Word, Paint or other similar apps, it says "This isn't a valid TTF file".

HOWEVER, you can either use it in some compatible apps in your cellphone, or use it as a system font (Android only) using an app called "zFont 3", I tested it thousands of times and it ran swift and safely.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Mon, 25th april


Now BlockKie has support to "Kerning"! I didn't do in ALL glyphs yet because it's still being tested. Until it's granted everything is working well, I'll be doing even for Cyrillic and Greek letters. I've currently finished kerning for Basic Latin, and I'm working right now for accented letters. You can tell me what did you think of kerning work at BlockKie!

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sat, 7th may

When doing kerning, you probably should NOT kern letters from one script with those of another, it may not be applied correctly.

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sat, 7th may

@Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM)

I am aware of this, already ;)

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sun, 8th may

I got an idea right now of putting all versions/updates on the font in description, and also removing "supported unicode sets" section to not let it more like a "text book". All updates will appear now in the description, and stay tuned.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Mon, 23rd may

The "Latin" capital Gamma on BlockKie, lol

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Sun, 3rd july

I would like to generate a bitmap font version, but I can't load it into FontForge (or similar) because the font name is invalid. Any ideas?

Comment by gingerbeardman Fri, 29th july

@gingerbeardman Did you download the ttf file? The otf file appears to be unstable when downloaded from here.

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Fri, 29th july

@gingerbeardman: Sometimes this has worked for me. After downloading, try to rename the font file to just "BlockKie" (or another simple) without any other signs and then try to load it wherever you want. Maybe this way you can remove the awkward info of the square brackets [ and ] and the + sign from the file name.

Comment by elmoyenique Fri, 29th july


You can use the idea elmoyenique told you here. I'm generally used to put brackets [ ], but it's more to gather details about the fonts I make, but you can remove them after downloading because this might be the reason of your issue.

Comment by JoohnPlayz (JoohnFonts) Fri, 29th july

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