Cimar Revised

by spectral-k

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A revision of my alien language done so that the characters more closely match their Hebrew counterparts (with a few exceptions). Built with Apple's Hebrew QWERTY in mind, though if you are comfortable with the standard Hebrew layout you should have little trouble as long as you keep in mind the four characters which are used for non-standard sounds.

This script is a semi-featural abjad/abugida hybrid inspired by . Read right-to-left, consonants appear as main glyphs while vowels are diacritics which hang above the consonant that follows it. Direction of the glyph determines place of articulation, and diacritics inside of the glyph represent manner. The numbers are in hexadecimal and bound to latin characters (1-9, A-F). Like Hebrew, they are read least-to-greatest place value.

Here are the correspondances with Hebrew characters, their latin transcriptions, and a few IPA symbols where the glyphs make a different sound than in Hebrew and/or English.

מ נ

n m

ף ת ך ׳/ק

q/'(ʔ) k t p

ב ד ג

g d b

פ ס צ כ ה

h x(x~χ) c(ɕ) s f(ɸ)

ש ז ח ר

r(ɣ~ʁ) j(ʑ) z v(β)

ל ט

y l

א ע י ו

o i e a


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