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A 4x5 font with one column to connect with the next letter. 

All feedback appreciated. 

Info: Created on Mon, 30th December . Last edited on Today, 2:12 AM.
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My first and only cursive font. I'm not sure I like the z... any suggestions?

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 1st February

/ɹoʊkɜɹˈsiːvə/ ?

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sat, 1st February

My first thought was to pronounce it: /ɹɐʉˈkɵəsəvɐ/

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sat, 1st February

@TCM Not sure how I didn't see this... does that mean something like (rough translation) "ruooKURSuhveh"?

Comment by Merrybot Tue, 11th February

You know that I hate transliterations!

My first comment was how I thought that an American would say it. My second comment has the stress on the “cur”. But apart from that, it’s just my Kiwi accent.

You see, for long “O”s, we have a really pronounced: /ɐʉ/ that goes from a full open “A” to a full long “U”. For stressed: “ER”, “IR”, and “UR” we drop the /ɹ/ to make: /ɵː/ or /ɵə/. The short letter: “I” is always /ə/. And we actually pronounce the “A” at the end of words.

If you must have a transliteration, here: “rO·keʳ·seh·va”.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Wed, 12th February

@tcm Okay fine, how about a truce until… 2022? :)

Comment by Merrybot Thu, 13th February


I’m not trying to argue with you. Just explaining my accent.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Thu, 13th February

@tcm Yeah, I get that. Just thought "rocurSIva" would sound more Italian (I'm like 1/8 Italian). 

Comment by Merrybot Fri, 14th February

Oh cool! I’m a quarter Italian myself.

In that case, Italians would probably pronounce it simply as: /rokurˈsiva/.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Fri, 14th February


I also have ancestors from the UK 🇬🇧, Romania 🇷🇴, Czechoslovakia 🇨🇿🇸🇰, Germany 🇩🇪, and Greece 🇬🇷, if you're wondering. 

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 15th February

@tcm Anything I could change on the font?

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 15th February

I would change the “x” to be more diagonal. This is one of the things that I hate the most about typography because I used to do it myself!

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sat, 15th February

Alrght then *changing x...*

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 15th February

x has been changed. Made it more like how I write x's in equations. (Not the best picture, I know...)

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 15th February

Still looks a little weird though, and I should really kern t...

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 15th February

And should I fontstruct my handwriting?

Comment by Merrybot Sat, 15th February

Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to change it with such style. “t” does look a bit too wide.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sun, 16th February

I would be interested in a font of your handwriting. I’ve done it myself, but not in FontStruct though. I found it too difficult because of the constraints of the block system.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sun, 16th February

@tcm ("such style") Thanks! I'll get to t ASAP. 
("interested") Alright then; I'll see what I can do. 
Also, I noticed you're on Scratch from; I'm (or /users/MerryBot for a weirdly translated version of Wikipedia I'm working on). 

Comment by Merrybot Today, 4:16 PM

Alright, I changed t and kerned the ?.

Comment by Merrybot Today, 2:09 AM

Sample time, w/ punctuation

Comment by Merrybot Today, 2:15 AM

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