5×7 Matrix

by Spaceman032

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Finally done. Phew! It took two days to make this. This is a full collection of 5×7 Dot Matrix characters as seen on many devices, like Texas Instruments calculators. A lot of these are custom. Sources include TI-83, TI-86, TI-89, Casio Monochrome Graphing Calculators, Casio fx-115ES PLUS, and the rest, I created them myself. I included fractions for those themes on Microsoft Office don't have matching "1/3" and other fractions with the "1/4", "1/2", and "3/4". The fullwidth characters are substitutes for the other characters in the regular style, such as the math "x" and "y" from Casio.

Please note that character sets like Arabic and some Math Operators are beyond 5×7 pixels. If you want to know why? Because Arabic is very big and if I put it all in 5×7 pixels, the text will look weird, won't really fit inside, and there would be no point to it. I left it as is. Roman Numerals cannot fit if you were doing the "VIII" character, for example.


Glyphs: 1579

8/28/2019Font created.
1/7/2020: Added characters in the following form: Fullwidth and Halfwidth are used for making TI-73 Explorer characters, plus actual monospace setting characters. Note that Runic, Tagalog, and Hanunoo are replaced with character variants. The last variation of a character is from Minecraft's font. The fractions are also changed to level the line spacing. The wide "M" is never ever for use on Monospacing.
1/8/2020: More variations are added, extended to replace Buhid. I also added other math symbols and more. To type x̄, press unicode shortcut and type 01b2. To type ȳ, press unicode shortcut and type 01b3. I also added over a hundred, or two hundred, more characters to stock up on the font. Oh and I changed the filters to separate the pixels for a more pixel and retro look. Also fixed the spacing on the "Щ" character.

9/8/2020: Added a bunch of more characters to the font set.

Note that this font is work in progress so you will recieve updates here.


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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Was this intended to be a Monospaced font? The I, l, (and some others) aren't touching the left guide…

Comment by BWM 29th August 2019

I tried to get it right, but the width doesn't seem right. I'll try fixing it layer.

Yes and No, the characters you normally use, like the characters on a TI calculator, are Monospaced, but others, like Arabic, Roman Numerals, and some math symbols, aren't normally used, so I left those out. For real 5x7 Matrix Font, the Arabic seems very difficult to fit the whole character inside a 5x7 grid. If I don't have enough room for the top of the character, it had to go above the top of the actual character size (notice the fractions).

I'll fix that when I got the time, but yes, it can be monospace. Thanks for letting me know.

Comment by Spaceman032 30th August 2019

@Spaceman032 - Very commendable effort here.  And "Monospace" doesn't necessarily require that the letters be left-aligned -- only that the overall width of all glyphs (including spaces/empty areas) are equal.  Typically, when glyphs are more narrow than the space provided (such as the 'I' or 'i'), they are centered across the horizontal space as best they can be (you cannot center an even number of pixels across an odd-numbered space, or an odd number of pixels across an even-numbered space)...

Comment by Goatmeal 30th August 2019

OK. Thanks for letting me know.

Comment by Spaceman032 30th August 2019

I fixed the spacing on the characters you actually use (via keyboard). They should be monospaced.

Comment by Spaceman032 3rd September 2019

Okay… Also, When working with pixel fonts, the spacing should also be in intervals of a single pixel…

Comment by BWM 3rd September 2019

OK. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. ;)

Comment by Spaceman032 23rd September 2019

It looks a Minecraft font with grids.

Comment by KatetheLive1 27th August 2020

Yes, it's kind of like a Minecraft Font, but the reason it has "grids" is because I want to get the style you see on a 5x7 dot matrix screen where the pixels separate to make a "grid", and besides, the font is actually called "dot matrix"; Minecraft uses them. Min You will see actual Minecraft Fonts if you go to the Runic, Tagalog, and Hanunoo characters. Note that I will not be doing Japanese and Chinese. I will create a separate font for that purpose. If you want it here, let me know.

Comment by Spaceman032 8th September 2020

i REALLY want to download this font

Comment by erikkoev 19th September 2020

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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