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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

Copyright (C) Vienna Binders (AskGamerViennaBinders). All Rights Reserved.
This font is created and edited by
Vienna Binders (AskGamerViennaBinders)
Use or duplication of the font is not permitted. 

This font:

"Eleva Alt Sans"

is created for the likes of HDB elevator fans! You are welcome here if you're a fan of HDB's Elevators!

Comment: JOEY_TOYS_ (17/06/2019, 10:22 AM SST)
I wonder if this font could be used for professional/commercial purposes
It looks like something out of a software company logo
Reaction: Can I use this Fontstruction "Eleva Alt Sans" for pro/commercial uses? Are you out of your mind? This font is licensed under the "All Rights Reserved" license!
You can view it, but you can't get it, as my decision is final, upon publishing of this font.


Bear in mind:
This font is not available elsewhere. 

This font is permanently licensed under the "All Rights Reserved" license.
You can view it, but you can't get it, as my decision is final. I will not entertain you, to whatever you say against this font.
And don't even think about flooding my email with hate mail as well. I'll be monitoring it 24/7. 

Copyright over fonts created with FontStruct belongs to the creators, not to FontStruct, or anyone else. So, if you're not happy about it, then why not send an email to FontStruct, citing that quote.

“Citing from Terms of Use: ‘The FontStructions that are created and/or made available on this Site are the copyrighted work, as the case may be, of the respective creator.’”

Do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

Remember, I will do whatever it takes, to correct any loopholes (as in "right this wrong"), if any.

Fonstruct is not going to be your legal advisor.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Comments are now closed. Any updates, I will do it accordingly if I have the time. Thank you for all the support!

Info: Created on Fri, 14th June . Last edited on Sun, 16th June.
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please respect my decision.

Comment by Vienna Binders (AskGamerViennaBinders) Fri, 14th June

I wonder if this font could be used for professional/commercial purposes

It looks like something out of a software company logo

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ Mon, 17th June

@Joey Please respect the designer's decision.

Comment by あきり (FontGeek26) Mon, 17th June

@FontGeek26 -  @JOEY_TOYS did nothing wrong; he was merely wondering/musing about potential applications for this font.  No where did he ask for a download or for permissions to be change...   :^\

Comment by Goatmeal Mon, 17th June

XD Love it how no one really asks about license change but the author still thinks there are a million fans out there just waiting for the font to be downloadable. No one is threatening your intellectual property, this font isn't something that unique because if they really wish to get it, they might just build it (pixel to pixel or with modifications). I do not say it will be fair, but get your crown down--no one is asking you to make it downloadable.

Comment by Cookielord Tue, 18th June

And yes, I am the only one to rate this font as of now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comment by Cookielord Tue, 18th June

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