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A place to post your FS-related ideas.

The more I use FS, the more I generate ideas. Some of them don't get published, and some of them are useful enough to pass on. This page is a home for those kinds of ideas. I'll probably be posting FS art and alternative glyph designs here... you may post whatever you like, as long as it's FS-related.


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Info: Created on 14th June 2019 . Last edited on 17th June 2019.
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Four simple and effective designs for ~.

I like to use the original forms for the glyph counterparts (~) and then use the smaller composite forms for the diacritic accents (Ã, Ñ, Õ). Making diacritics this way keeps the diacritics themselves 1 brick wide, which helps center them without having them alter the spacing (especially on accented Ii).

Comment by zephram 17th June 2019

A simple asterisk and some more exotic asterisks

Comment by zephram 17th June 2019
Comment by zephram 17th June 2019

An unpublished doodle called "Rampville". I was trying to make an original "ribbon" design, but forgot to make the ribbon the same width throughout. I'd been up late.

Next time I try this one, I will make a consistent ribbon and try to avoid the use of any sheer vertical or flat horizontal lines. They really clash with the slanted parts! This still does look kind of cool, though. It makes me think of the many "redacted" or "password dots" fonts people make on here, except this design can actually be used to write something.

Comment by zephram 17th June 2019

I wanted to make some tutorials for these principles & techniques, but this proved too complicated to explain in full at the time I attempted it. So, I'm posting the image here. I think it still has enough information in it for people to work out the possibilities.

Minor errata: "Shift+Click the bottom 2 composites to delete the circles"... this applies to the composites as they appear in the My Bricks palette, not the glyph itself.

Comment by zephram 19th June 2019

Branching off from the above: I had the idea for a big diagram containing all the angles which are possible to make with composites, how to build them, and how to combine them to make regular polygons. Would people be interested in that?

Comment by zephram 19th June 2019

@zephram - While that's a great idea, I'm afraid it would be one GIGANTIC diagram.  As you can see from DJ Nippa's collection (as well as the contributed suggestions in the accompanying comments sections):

"All Composites saved in MY BRICKS 3.0" by djnippa

there are NUMEROUS possible angles now, especially since we can have up to 16 total bricks in a composite (1x16 / 2x8 / 4x4 max) -- not to mention other possible combinations that are less than 16 bricks, like 2x7 or 5x3 or 1x11 composites!  :^)

Perhaps a tutorial covering how to create a FEW of the possible angles as an example?

(And I have enjoyed your other tutorials.  They are quite helpful in summarizing the various functionality aspects that have been added to FontStruct since its 2008 inception, as well as covering the basics.)

Comment by Goatmeal 19th June 2019

Yeah, djnippa's work is part of the inspiration for that idea. I saw he recently added the ratios to that project. I have noticed also that there are some newer features which some older users don't seem aware of. Not everyone has managed to see them all, so that's why I got the idea to make an FS knowledge hub.

What about a diagram that only contains those angles which are actually used in the regular polygons? I think the 3- to 10-sided ones could be done with about 25-30 custom bricks. Or maybe it'd be better to present each shape with its own diagram.

Comment by zephram 19th June 2019

I was doing some brainstorming and accidentally made an 'a' that has a striking resemblance to DIN.

Comment by SonicFontsHD Wed, 25th December

Nice one. I'm not familiar with DIN, but I like that letter shape.

I have a bunch of scattered ideas that I intend to cobble together into some more Idea Soup images at some point, but I've been too busy to do it.

Comment by zephram Fri, 27th December

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