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GEO-PROTESQUE - Geometric grotesque typeface

This time I did a attempt to make a typical super rounded geometric grotesque typeface.  Which is a very popular style for headline and display text. Although I tried to make a contemporary looking typeface, I kind of remained faithful to plain geometry. This font style is far from unique and could somewhat be compared with that of typefaces such as HAUS Sans, TT Norms and LL Circular

(3 great commercial pro fonts that were made by some great other designers!)


One of the most important rules for this font was to have near perfect circular letterforms in both upper and lowercase. To pull this off properly it required a large grid faux-Bézier approach. Everything else just enfolded along the way. The design, (obviously) a geometric grotesque, but also has a neo-grotesque feel as well. The almost quirky looking letter widths give this a very strong early 1900s feel.

While many letters mostly have even stroke width, upclose you'll notice some stroke width variation is going on after all. This to bring more conttract into certain area's.

The font is optimized for Body-Type in both Digital- and Print-use at very small point sizes. In Digital-display-use it performs crisp even as low as 9pts. (Not bad at all I think)



Comment by Sed4tives 7th april 2019


Comment by Cookielord 8th april 2019

N...i...c...e...!  I DO like it!

Comment by John H. Isles (QXZ) 8th april 2019

BIG UPDATE: So much more work and love went into this today.

) Now features support for most Latin languages.

) Added ligatures, diacritics & more punctuations.

) Many letterforms have been refined and changed.

) Some kerning was applied as well (far from all).

Comment by Sed4tives 9th april 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 9th april 2019

A sample of the update in action! Also have I made it downloadable.

I do think uppercase S needs some extra refinement..

I hope you all like the rest of it,


Comment by Sed4tives 9th april 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 9th april 2019

awesome ligatures!!

Comment by JingYo 9th april 2019

UPDATE: now also kerned for the great majority of it

Comment by Sed4tives 9th april 2019

Love the a in the first sampler. But the a you have now seems to 'echo' the roundness of other vowels better. The LC x and that tz ligature: very nice. Is there a code point for the tz ligature??

Comment by Aeolien 9th april 2019

@ Aeolien: Yes there actually is in the extended Latin D block U+A729


Comment by Sed4tives 9th april 2019

@Sed4tives Thanks, it's a wonderfully quirky and (for me) unusual ligature, I'll be adding it to some of my more decorative fonts :)

Comment by Aeolien 21st april 2019

• Added language support
• Modified many glyphs in order to fine tune the text flow
• Extra punctuation marks and symbols included
• Additional kerning provided

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 14th august
Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 14th august
Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 14th august

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