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A pixel art galaxy!

Original size: 20.25pt


About the design:

Originally it was to be just the glyphs A-Z, but the project proved to be addicting to work on, so I kept continuing it after publishing.

Each canvas started as a blank square. I looked up various form of space phenomena to find out what they were like structurally, then drew my own renditions of them. For the basic (point light) stars, I clicked semi-randomly around with the eraser. This was done about 27-42 times per canvas. Every canvas required lots of manual correction. I tried to give each group of stars a shape to imply constellations while also trying to ensure as many stars as possible were on a unique x- or y-axis for their group. This helps the starfields look chaotic, more realistic, and more memorable.

After the basic stars were drawn, I positioned and drew the larger stars. These range from the simple "three stars" and "five stars" (which look like + signs) all the way up to nova stars (which occupy anywhere from a large area to nearly an entire canvas). After each canvas was populated enough to my eyes, I went through and moved any edge star which would have connected with its neighbor when a given tile was used to form blocks. This helps ensure that the smallest stars will remain as 1*1px points in space rather than forming small lines. This may still happen rarely. Think of it as small ships or pieces of space debris which are relatively close to the viewer.


-= LEGEND =-

A - Space Shuttle, B - Planetoids, C - Alien, D - Space Station, E - Pulsars, F - Satellite/Telescope, G - Planet & Moons, H - Kempler Rosette, I - Bar Sign, J - Space Bar, K - Interstellar Planet/Dark Star, L - Double Sun Planet, M - Globular Cluster, N - Earth, O - Galactic Plane, P - Asteroids, Q - Alien in Saucer, R - Black Hole/Wormhole, S - Globular Cluster, T - Dyson Ring, U - Giant Star, V - FS Nebula, W - Nyan Cat, X - Starship Enterprise, Y - Star-Forming Region, Z - Planet & Rings

a - Space Armada, b - Dr. Wily, c - New Stars, d - Binary Star System, e - Colliding Galaxies, f - Space Pirates & Mothership, g - SpaceX Roadster, h - Colliding Planets, i - Space Drone/Probe, j - Colony Ships, k - Ringworld, l - Halfmoon/Destroyed Planet, m - Uninhabitable Planet, n - Solar Wind, o - Wrecked Spaceplane, p - Escape Pods, q - 'Oumuamua, r - Moon, s - Molecular Clouds, t - Navigational Buoy, u - Marx, v - Substellar Companions, w - M57 (Ring Nebula), x - Space Lodge, y - White Dwarves, z - Death Star

0 - Big Star, 1 - New Spiral Galaxy, 2 - Old Spiral Galaxy, 3 - Supernova, 4 - Exploded Star & Nebula, 5 - Planet X, 6 - Quasar, 7 - 77's Cruiser, 8 - Hypernova, 9 - Gas Giant

+= - Space Hotdogs & Food Sign, / - Planet & Comets, ; - Gamma-Ray Burst, : - High-Tech Planet, ' - Dense-Atmosphere Planet, " - Space City, £ - TARDIS,  - Sinistar

.,?!@#$%^&*()-_{space}{nbsp} - Starfields & Map Markers

Info: Created on Wed, 27th February . Last edited on Fri, 15th March.
License Creative Commons
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The sky from Planet Pixel. Somehow, the random colors work with this one.

Comment by zephram Thu, 28th February
Comment by zephram Thu, 28th February


Comment by SymbioticDesign Thu, 28th February

That N planet is so beautiful! Great job, dude :D

Comment by Cookielord Thu, 28th February

Thanks, guys! :D

@Cookielord: It's Earth viewed from the Western Hemisphere. You can see Baja California near the top center. Florida's in the top right and South America is in the bottom right.

Comment by zephram Thu, 28th February

Galactic Map

Comment by zephram Thu, 28th February

Do you think you can add one for a restaurant? Some of the users on FS are under 21...

I made an Alien Police Officer...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Fri, 1st March

@77: Nice art! I like the hat. Anyway, the only thing I could think of to fulfill your idea was a hot dog stand, because it's small enough for the canvas and "DOGS" is only four letters. It's on "+", and I'll design a sign to go on "=" here in a moment.

Comment by zephram Fri, 1st March


Comment by JingYo Fri, 1st March

A preview with every tile :D

Comment by zephram Fri, 1st March

[Space] is one pixel too narrow.

Comment by ImmaPooh Mon, 4th March

The spacing glitched out a bit when I turned off monospacing.

Comment by zephram Tue, 5th March

I like how the blackhole is looking.. :D

That somewhat shaded edge really looks good

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 5th March

looking at your description I dont think its a blackhole, but nevermind, still like the edge of it!

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 5th March

Animation w/every tile (made with Aseprite).

Comment by zephram Thu, 7th March

In use as an album cover.

Comment by zephram Fri, 8th March

Asperite is USD14.99... How were you able to use it?

I sometimes use a GIF creation site (like ezgif, cause it's easy to use and it's free) to create my animated GIFs...

I ckecked your math and you did it correctly...

Also, 27 divided by 2 is 13.5

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Fri, 8th March

I bought it, of course. It goes on sale fairly often (it does on Steam, anyway).

I've used gifmaker.me to stitch GIFs together before. Aseprite made this one easy because it can import sprite sheets as animations. You just put all your tiles in a big sheet, import it, tell Aseprite how big each sprite should be, and then it cuts each sprite out and gives it its own frame in the animation. It will detect the upperleftmost pixel of each sprite as transparency. This is the spritesheet I fed to the program (downscaled to 10%).

Comment by zephram Fri, 8th March

I see... Is it possible to generate a GIF with it going top to bottom instead of left to right?

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Fri, 8th March

Yes, these are the options. I tested "By Columns" and it gave me sprites in the right order for top to bottom. It starts in the top left, moves down to finish the column, then heads all the way back up and right to the top of the next column.

Comment by zephram Fri, 8th March

Drawing a new Glyph: Space Pirates & Mothership (video is sped up 7x and exported at 77% quality for maximum 7-ness)

Comment by zephram Fri, 8th March

Loved it!

Based on the creation time of that vid (I saw: Created -6439 seconds ago), Your time zone is: GMT-3

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Fri, 8th March

Nope, that must be the timezone of the server I made the gfy on... much like we see Berlin time on this site!

Comment by zephram Fri, 8th March

Oh... Did you know that Berlin uses CET, which is GMT+1 during standard days, and CEST, which uses UTC+2 during Daylight Savings Time?

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Fri, 8th March

Completed the a-z set!

Comment by zephram Sat, 9th March

MicroCosmos - available now for ZX Spectrum!

Comment by zephram Sat, 9th March

Don't know how I managed it, but there are now 100 glyphs. I only planned to do 26. Never has completing the Basic Latin band been such a challenge!

Comment by zephram Mon, 11th March

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