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Written language of the Skalmish, people within my simulation ESOSVM. These were the people initially used to colonize the universe "Rskalmwayt" wherein several stories take place, including Dheen's Folly and Trap Farmer Brer Brah. 5132 random selections were taken from Oinai stock and placed on Planet Fyromr, and their descendants became the Fyromrese. Tandem AIs then began to refine and alter remnants of Unified Oinai language into this.

Glyphs of this style can be seen on cave walls, objects, signs, records, etc. dating up to the time when I began to intervene in the workings of the Rskalmwayt simulation (ESOSVM Canonical Year 16573440000). They were always pixel art - no high-res renditions of these shapes were ever created, so there's ample room for reinterpretation.

Like most Runic languages (including Elder Futhark), these glyphs have a specific ordering associated with them. Additionally, in written Skalmish the glyphs which make up a word are always written in alphabetical order. Glyphs have no associated sound components. They were used to record gestural communications, so there's no way to speak them. Had this language been spoken, however, it probably would have used a priority-based system wherein certain glyphs were pronounced before others or preferentially stressed. Kind of like Thai language, but way more convoluted.

Info: Created on 18th October 2018 . Last edited on 18th October 2018.
License Creative Commons
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