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A font with Super Mario enemies, blocks, decor, and the player.

Perfect at pixel view!

Includes A-Z, a-z, and 0-9.


A: Axe

B: Ground Tile

C: Coin

D: Mario/Luigi dying from a Goomba

E: Castle

F: Flagpole

G: Goomba

H: Hill

I: Platform

J: Bridge

K: Koopa Troopa

L: Lucky Block

M: Mario/Luigi

N: Lift

O: Mushroom Platform

P: Small Warp Pipe

Q: Bonus Lift

R: Mario/Luigi Jumping

S: Super Star

T: Toad

U: Super Mario/Luigi Walking

V: Mario/Luigi climbing a Vine

W: Water/Lava

X: Super Mario/Luigi getting a Coin

Y: Super Mario/Luigi swimming

Z: Cheep Cheep in water

Space: Hole

a: Lakitu

b: Brick Block

c: Coral

d: Mario/Luigi dying from a Koopa Troopa

e: Koopa Paratroopa

f: Fire Mario/Luigi

g: Mario/Luigi jumping on a Spring

h: Hammer Bro.

i: Super Mario/Luigi ducking

j: Used Block

k: King Koopa/Bowser

l: Podoboo/Lava Bubble

n: Mario/Luigi turning

m: Super Mushroom

o: Mushroom Platform

p: Princess Toadstool Peach

q: Bonus Lift

r: Higher Bridge

s: Super Mario/Luigi

t: Spring

u: Super Mario/Luigi Walking

v: Mario/Luigi getting a Super Mushroom

w: Water/Lava

x: Super Mario/Luigi getting a Fire Flower

y: Three Coins

z: Higher Water/Lava

0: Mario/Luigi getting a 1-UP

1: Stomped Goomba

2: Medium Warp Pipe

3: Large Warp Pipe

4: Piranha Plant in a Large Warp Pipe

5: Brick Block with Lucky Block above

6: Brick Block higher up

7: Fire Bar

8: Koopa Troopa Shell

9: Bullet Bill and Launcher


Creating a few more letters, some of there are ~`!@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]|\:;"'?/<>,.÷ק¶·¢¤€¥₤…·°®©™ and a few others such as fractions and stuff.

Comment by NH1507 (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123) 28th October 2018

Try not to use RTL scripts while creating these, OK...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 28th October 2018

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