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Something new, but I need support on this to fix some bugs I discovered when viewing this font in FontLab Studio!

Info: Created on 29th August 2018 . Last edited on 30th August 2018.
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Okay, when I downloaded this and took a closer look at it in

"FontLab Studio" I have discovered two fontstruct bugs!

Comment by Sed4tives 29th August 2018

The first bug concerns the connect bricks.

(in my case about the double-line rounded corners).

The problem with this is the exact placement of it, which appears to be off set in relation to the grid and its adjacent corresponding brick!

A sample image is attached to support and visual clarification.

Comment by Sed4tives 29th August 2018

Im not sure but this appears to be at random I think, or it has something to do with nudging but I haven't found out yet why this is happening. I do know that all the bricks ar placed in the right place when viewed in the Fontstruct editor itself.

So this bug is only in the generated *.TTF file.

Comment by Sed4tives 29th August 2018
Comment by Sed4tives 29th August 2018

Here is another example that clearly showing the random occurrence of the issue.

Comment by Sed4tives 30th August 2018

The second bug I found is concerning the kerning. Which I applied in the fontstruct editor, as you can clearly see in the included sample image.

But NO kerning at all is actually applied to the font in the downloaded * .TTF file as the second image will clearly show.

Comment by Sed4tives 30th August 2018
Comment by Sed4tives 30th August 2018

it looks like the bug has been a while

Comment by JingYo 30th August 2018

I'm on the track of the mismatching bricks bug. It’s a strange one as you say, because I can construct an “O” identical to yours where the connectors do match up.

In the case of kerning, the kerning data is in the font file and can be read by some software, for example, by Glyphs. It’s possible that FontLab does not support the way in which FontStruct encodes the kerning data in the font file. We currently use something called the “kern” table which is a bit outdated, but still used in many fonts, hopefully in the future we can encode this data differently (in the “GPOS” table), but that won’t be for a few months at least.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 31st August 2018

Misalignment of the bricks should be fixed now.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 31st August 2018

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