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Use lower case to get Modern Gryzildan and UPPER CASE for Royal Gryzildan. Hold Shift while typing numerals/symbols to get the Royal ones.

These scripts do not canonically appear together on any in-universe writing. Gryzil writing is always written entirely in one script or the other. But, feel free to use this as you wish.


This font contains two scripts of the Gryzil, Brer Brah's people, who are from various video games and stories of mine. Gryzil are a sapient bear-people that live on/near beaches in the continent of Skina on planet Fyromr. They have dull greenish fur, can speak, read, write and use tools, walk bipedally, and have beer fermentation chambers for stomachs. They appear in ESOS, Trap Farmer Brer Brah, and Anime Girls vs. The Cavemen.

The written language of these creatures is designed to be without subtlety. Most of the subtlety of Gryzil communication is gestural. For instance, quotations do not exist in Gryzil writing. There can be a record that someone said something, but only when a Gryzil who heard it firsthand speaks of it is there understood to be a quotation - the rest is simply hearsay.

This font is made as an attempt to anglicize the Gryzildan language - not to write it natively. Hence, it has some resemblance to Latin. But in fact these symbols all represent different gestures as well as different rasping, stamping, growling, and ingressive sounds which are unknown within Earth humans' formalized language studies. Nonetheless, you can write authentic Gryzildan with this. Read the Chalcedony-Bound Manual found in any of the games in which Gryzildan is used.


Original size: 5.25pt (use multiples of this value for pixel perfection)


Comment by zephram 11th june 2018

Fantastic. So artistic:)

Comment by Wataru (Wataru Aiso) 11th june 2018

this is very unique while still being readable, but I would suggest changing the comma glyph. It looks like a swastika.

Comment by tsafontstruct 3rd september 2018


Comment by zephram 3rd september 2018

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