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ELEVATED - A large 3D outline shadow display typeface.

It's inspired by the lettering from a sketch of great Dutch graphical designer "Jurriaan Schrofer".


Info: Created on Tue, 8th May . Last edited on Sat, 9th June.
License FontStruct License
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Great work as ever. If you have the time, it’s always interesting to see a picture of the source for the lettering.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 6th June

Original sketch by Jurriaan Schrofer.

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 6th June
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_ELEVATED” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 6th June

@Sed4tives - Congratulations on the Top Pick.  :^)  A version that has the diagonal shading lines (as presented in the original sketch) would make a nice variant.

Comment by Goatmeal Wed, 6th June

Thanks for the TP

@ Goatmeal: forthcoming!

And I see I made a mistake @ c. gonna be fixed as well!

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 6th June

Congats on the TP. I'm with Goatmeal and the boss. Waiting for the shading version.

Comment by elmoyenique Wed, 6th June

Hmz I downloaded the TTF file and tested it a little, seems the outlines do not make a perfect connection yet. So needs a little extra work too.. Maybe its not worthy of a special mention yet.


Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 7th June

I dont get it why the outlines dont overlap correctly. seems in the editor everything is done right. Anyone got any tips?

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 7th June

Hmz, wether it's good or not is depending on the size it's typed. Basically this only works propperly when used at very large size. So fals alarm, seems nothing is wrong after all !

But download will be turned off untill I fixed the other things later today!

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 7th June

Can V have a small cut in the bottom right to tell U and V apart?

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Thu, 7th June

Making some "spacing modifier" letters may help you. It won't be the most user-friendly thing to do it that way, but it will let you have the right space width for every possible size.

Comment by zephram Thu, 7th June


Comment by moez omer Fri, 8th June

Fixed some things here and there and changed grid size to (1.0x1.0). Download is also back available.

For pixel perfect preview turn the font size bar all the way down and press arrow up once!


Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 9th June


Comment by TheEnderman911 Sat, 28th July

STF you are a good font maker I just started on this website and saw some of your fonts I started to make one and its just blocks and triangles

Comment by Qicboy47 Sat, 15th September

Hello there! I wonder why U is still the same as V?

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Sat, 15th September

@ Se7en: Since it supposed to be a recap of the lettering, rather than a personal interpretation of it!

@ Qicboy47: Thanks, you just keep playing around and try ccpying some letters at first to get the feel of it. That most definatly get u going!

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 15th September

I wonder what "ccpy" means?

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Sat, 15th September

That it should represent the letters as shown on the original sketch

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 15th September

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