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by zephram

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A pixel font for Western-style music notation. This allows treble and bass staff to be read and written at very small sizes, making it useful for pixel games, pixel comics, or anything else that needs to be at extremely low resolution.

Given the limits of the chosen method along with the limits of staff notation itself, this font won't please every musician. All suggestions are welcome for improving this one!

Original size: 10pt (use multiples of 10pt for pixel perfection)



Read the wiki article on scientific pitch notation if you need help understanding note-names.

_ draws staff lines.

` or ~ at the beginning mark your staff as either a bass or treble staff.

Use a letter from R-Z and then one from r-z to mark the time signature. (Most songs are in 4/4).

Use UPPER CASE to notate for bass staff.

Use lower case to notate for treble staff.

Use <.1234567890,> and {?!@#$%^&*()+} to mark sharps and flats respectively. I recommend using these markings to REPLACE the notes they are meant to alter, rather than writing them next to the notes as you would with traditional staff.

Create some new staff lines between each note to seperate the notes in time. When you place notes without these spaces, notes will stack up on one another. You can use this principle in different ways to create chords and arpeggios.



A - A1, B - B1

C - C2, D - D2, E - E2, F - F2, G - G2, H - A2, I - B2

J - C3, K - D3, L - E3, M - F3, N - G3, O - A3, P - B3

Q - C4 (middle C)



a - A3, b - B3

c - C4, d - D4, e - E4, f - F4, g - G4, h - A4, i - B4

j - C5, k - D5, l - E5, m - F5, n - G5, o - A5, p - B5

q - C6



_ - blank staff

RSTUVWXYZ’"' - beat divisions

rstuvwxyz“”‘ - beat times

`~ - treble and bass clefs

- - 8va/octave up

<.1234567890,> - sharp symbol in various vertical positions

{?!@#$%^&*()+} - flat symbol in various vertical positions

There is no "natural" symbol. Your writing should take this into account.


Have fun!


Well, my last comment got eaten. Here's a sample.

Text used to produce this:



Comment by zephram 3rd May 2018

Do you think you can add a 9, 10, and 11 for the top and a 9, 10, and 12 for the bottom?

Also, you used !@_*#$%&() instead of !@#$%^&*() for the flat symbols...

And i would like to use the _ as the blank staff so it can show up better in some programs...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd May 2018

Opps!! Meant a 9, 11, and 12 for the bottom...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd May 2018

Thanks for the feedback.
I don't understand how I am meant to apply that last suggestion. I have added 4 more sharps and 4 more flats, two above the staff and two below for each. They're on "<.,>" and "{?+}".
"_" replaced the space bar...
Flats now appear on {?!@#$%^&*()+} as intended.

Comment by zephram 3rd May 2018

The "shorter" comment was merely a correction...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd May 2018

OK, after carefully rereading I understood what is meant. You want more time signatures. I'll do 1-12 for both top and bottom... not sure what glyphs I will put them on...

EDIT: 10-12 are now on “”‘ ’"'

Comment by zephram 3rd May 2018

A song written by AI, called "Warner's Thundrousness."

Comment by zephram 3rd May 2018

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