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The main font used by MARENGI Omnisystems in my video game series, "Endless Sea Of Stars". These letterforms can be found engraved into or projected onto practically every piece of MO technology. This script was designed in 2011 to be suitable for printing, logo design, art, and many other purposes. It lacks the constant height which most of my other pixel fonts have, but makes up for it with its bookish appearance.

Unfortunately, replicating the exact design of the antialiased version of this font is impossible, not only on FontStruct, but on all software other than ESOSVM. This is because ESOSVM uses a custom renderer which makes use of proprietary techniques. Marengi HD comes close, but not very.



2.6 (19Aug2018) - "bdďđ" were perfected. Space width reduced.

2.5 (20Jul2018) - "IÌÍÎÏø" were perfected and massive kerning work began.

2.4 (15Jul2018) - "J" was perfected and several letterwidths were altered.

2.3 (18May2018) - "hnru34679ÀÁÂÃÅÈÉÊÌÍÎÏÑÒÓÔÕØÙÚÛÝÞßàáâãåæçèéêìíîïñòóôõøùúûý" were perfected.

2.2 (17May2018) - ":;gjty%/\ÂÆÊÎÔÛâæêîôû¼½¾" were edited for more consistency and readability.


MIV: 8.74

Original size: 11pt (use multiples of this value for pixel perfection)



Comment by zephram 15th april 2018

Sample: A sheet of the characters as isometric 3D pixel sprites. This is here to illustrate two ideas:

1. Every tiny difference between one pixel font and the next is multiplied once you apply effects of any kind to it. There are plenty of reasons to have lots of pixel fonts with comparatively minor variations to one another.

2. Once you have a design, you can create endless variations on it. Even the most "plain" or "boring" font can be fed to one piece of software or another, and the output will be something that would've taken you hours to accomplish by hand. All your works can be used in many unforeseen ways to create new art...

Comment by zephram 15th april 2018

v1.0. Text from the GOLDEN SLAB item in one of my games

Comment by zephram 17th april 2018

v2.2. I was able to achieve an MIV of 8.57 with this latest version! I don't think it's possible to get a much better MIV without deleting the lowercase. :D

Comment by zephram 17th may 2018

So, what does MIV stand for?

Comment by ImmaPooh 9th august 2018

Marinan Interpretability Value - a measure of how easy some visual data is to interpret by humans and/or machines (at least, the ones I have at my disposal).

Comment by zephram 9th august 2018

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