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Info: Created on 1st March 2018 . Last edited on Today, 4:54 PM.
License Creative Commons
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Lowercase a is easily confused with o... D'you think you can handle it?

Comment by Cookielord 23rd March 2018

+ 'A' (top too angular?) + '%' (rings too thin?) + 'Vv' (similar to 'Uu'?) + 'O8' (similar to 'DB'?) + larger dots + round '/\'…

Anyway, I already like it like that!

Comment by dpla 23rd March 2018

@dpla, I agree with you only about rings on the percent sign and round slashes; 0 is great, as is A, Vv and 8.

Comment by Cookielord 23rd March 2018

I'm so grateful for all the crits, thanks so much.  The latest revision addresses some of the issues.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) 24th March 2018

@Cookielord: so, I must have shared my very strict programming concerns (e.g. 9 = flipped 6 - which may be unsafe in certain situations too).

Super smooth font as it is!

Comment by dpla 26th March 2018

A nice programming font so far. Comma and period may look too similar for prgramming. Likewise colon and semicolon. It also needs braces and brackets.

Comment by jonrgrover Wed, 8th August

Added braces and brackets, as well as less than and greater than.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Thu, 29th November

Also new comma and semicolon.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Thu, 29th November


Tip: Try to make sure the characters are centered when creating a monospaced font...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Thu, 29th November

If you are looking to make a monospaced font for programming, it is important to have the right edge ink of every character in the same place. Visual studio has trouble unless you do this.

Comment by jonrgrover Fri, 30th November

Thanks for that insight, jonrgrover.  I'm in no way a programmer and would not have known that.  I do think that implementation of that parameter would create some wierdness, say with a comma or full stop.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Fri, 30th November

I have to confess a bit incredulousness that the programmers of software for programmers to program with would not find such an idiosyncracy problematic.  Is this the only or primary programming software arena, and if not are others so encumberred?

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Fri, 30th November

modified 7.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Sun, 20th January

also shrank the tilde ñ, and made a slight change to R.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Sun, 20th January

New small g.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Fri, 8th February

I've added various new characters, including Latin accents.

Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Wed, 13th February
Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Wed, 13th February
Comment by George Arnold (bufb) Today, 4:27 PM

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