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Clone of Lead Balloon (by me).

This font is Copyright 2018 & 2019 Doug Peters ( or https://Dougs.Work/ ) and released as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.  You are entitled to use this font however you want, but please credit me for my original work somewhere (website, blog or social media, preferably with a link back to one of my sites), and credit attribution IS greatly appreciated.

This is sort of a functional font version of the Led Zeppelin font logo (in TTF).  The _ low line is actually an end cap for the L, Z & lowercase letter underlines.

Categories: Famous, Faux Curves, Logo Inspired, & Novelty
Type: Serif
Weight: Regular
Web font: Yes, sure.
Commercial use: Any use, yes, please credit me somewhere? Thanks!
Derivatives: OK (please use a different reserved font name).
Redistribution: Encouraged

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Info: Created on 6th June 2014 . Last edited on Thu, 24th January.
License Creative Commons
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Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Mothership” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 11th June 2014
WOW! Thanks, Rob! Cool.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 11th June 2014
AWESOME! Well deserved TP. 10+fav
Comment by Noah (winty5) 11th June 2014
Comment by SymbioticDesign 11th June 2014
Thanks, Winty! ;) Especially for all your encouragement.

And the same to all you other guys around here that have been helping me out, Thank You!

The FontStruct Community ROCKS!
Comment by SymbioticDesign 11th June 2014
Mega-sample above ^^^

You're welcome. It's just kinda what FontStructors do, you know. :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 11th June 2014
LOL... crop off the top part and it becomes Led-Zepplin's discology, though. ;)
Comment by SymbioticDesign 12th June 2014
Changed the 'v' (it was bothering me), added an alt N and flipped a few alternates.

I'm still debating on whether or not to change out the P for an alternate P (and vice versa), one that is closer to the style of the D and R, but that would change the look very significantly. It would also be an extreme departure from the logo, which is why I haven't done it yet, and probably won't, since the logo was the inspiration for the font in the first place. But, chime in if you have an opinion.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 30th June 2014
I've decided to leave this one alone and call it done. Well, at least for now.

I made 'Dirigible' from a Mothership clone which was more in line with the font used for the 'Celebration Day' album release & promotion. It is more tightly styled with a more consistent design, where Mothership is trying to draw exclusively on the inspiration of the logo (while making a few minor adjustments so that it doesn't actually recreate the logo... though I wish I could make it more accurate I don't want to offend the greatest rock band of all time).

Anyways, the restyled 'Dirigible' font accommodates all those little issues I have with Mothership. So I am happy to finally let this one go.

Oh yeah...
Just as a side note, the Beatles were the greatest pop band of all time. They weren't even in the same class as Led Zeppelin's down-home, hard driving, soulful rockabiliy blues that created the start of the heavy metal culture.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 14th July 2014
Comment by Se7enty-Se7en 24th March 2018


Comment by SymbioticDesign 24th March 2018

I'm going to try and get this one polished off.  When two vowels are together, both have a flare at the end of the underline.  This was in order to replicate the logo, but I am finally going to nix those so that the font may actually become useful. 

It has been such a long time since I created this, inspired by the Led Zeppelin logo, of course, but back then I didn't know what the font description text area was actually for and wound-up abusing that space.  Whoops!

I am saving that documentation here:


Clone of Lead Balloon (by me).

Redesigned version that won't exactly replicate the logo of the greatest rock band of all time, but it looks pretty good, anyway. There are plenty of alternates, so if you don't like it, just clone it and switch out the version of the letter you like, or make your own.

I still have some things to do...
The spacing on the L is off.
I will make the q smaller... etc...

June 11th, 2014: OK... I think I fixed the spacing on the L and started playing with all my other projects when I noticed that Rob Meek made Mothership a Top Pick. YAY! LOL.

So, I made the Q smaller. Other than that, I'm not sure if I want to change anything else. You can clone it and I have all sorts of alternative characters, or you can make your own. Hmmm... I'm so excited, I'm repeating myself. It's my first Top Pick! ;)

Hopefully it won't be my only one. OK, the L appeared OK in FontStruct, but it didn't look so hot in Photoshop. I'm trying again. 


(end of that quote - never had another top pick yet, though - gotta stop jynxing myself)

Comment by SymbioticDesign Mon, 14th January

Just out of curiosity, when we flip the exclamation mark vertically and copy it to the inverted eclaim mark to support other languages, why does it have to be moved down (start the bottom of the character below the base line)?  I looked it up, didn't fing any real reason why, and started thinking maybe one of my fonts don't have to display it that way.

Comment by SymbioticDesign Tue, 15th January

I think to match the x-height...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Tue, 15th January


What's that, @Se7enty-Se7en? 

What do you mean, match the x height?  The design of this font was preordained by one of the Led Zeppelin logos.  

Comment by SymbioticDesign Tue, 15th January

I know, but the x-height is the height of the lowercase x...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Tue, 15th January

The x-height is 2 blocks shorter than the height of the X, just underlined, and skinnier.  Or what are you saying you want to match the x-height to?  Whatever it is, if anyone wants something they see as a problem fixed, they can clone it and make their improved copy.  I have left all sorts of alternates so that almost anyone can play with it and "correct" it.  But this font doesn't actually follow normal typography rules because it's more of a logotype idea.  I say idea because it is unrefined.  It lacks the subtle curves to be actual logotype, but it doesn't look bad when it is small.  Make it big and it looks jagged, though, something that can't really be corrected without a vector based type editor. 

Comment by SymbioticDesign Wed, 16th January

Also to avoid confusion with the lowercase i...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Wed, 16th January

I guess you don't understand, @Se7enty-Se7en, that I just don't understand what you are trying to communicate.  They used this font a lot through-out their albums, sometimes with one crossbar, sometimes with 2.  If there is something wrong you may be pointing out what it is, but leaving a riddle, and as I am happy with what I have, I don't get the riddle.  But this font was just for fun, it can never actually be anything because of the faux curves.

Comment by SymbioticDesign Wed, 16th January

Made the , comma (and ; semicolon) more identifiable.  Made the _ low line character an end cap for the weird serif end of an underline such as for the Z, L & all the lowercase characters.  Added a # numeral/pounds sign. Kerned it last night, I think (or the night before).

Comment by SymbioticDesign Wed, 16th January

@SymbioticDesign - I believe that @Se7enty-Se7en's somewhat cryptic replies are trying to respond to your question as to why the inverted exclamation point (¡) might be designed below the baseline...

Comment by Goatmeal Wed, 16th January

Especially with the Arial font, the inverted ! symbol is moved down below the baseline (probably to avoid it being confused with the lowercase i)...

Compare ¡ with i...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Thu, 17th January


Now I see.  And all that makes perfect sense, now.  Thanks, @Goatmeal, for allowing me to understand that he was answering my question.  Thanks, @Se7enty-Se7en for the answe, and the last one just above makes it all make sense. 

I always thought of the i as being x-height but because of the dot it is usually the same height as the uppercase.  Which makes me think back to the time when I was hand lettering things, I would always make exclamation marks taller and bolder, but even doing a flip with something like that just makes the font look like there is one i that is a larger size stuck in there (apart from context).

Thanks, guys!  Always fun to learn something.

Comment by SymbioticDesign Thu, 17th January

@DP No problem

Also, I found a typo in your comment at "...for the answe, and the..."

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Thu, 17th January


Comment by SymbioticDesign Thu, 17th January
Comment by SymbioticDesign Wed, 23rd January

This is a nice font. However, there is a sufficient amount of inconsistencies that makes it work as a cohesive whole.

Assuming the style required is denoted by the letters A D E, then the glyphs for C G O S 0 don't fit the style. Neither do V and W. While P is consistent with the short distance between the top of the glyphs and the middle bar, R does not follow the style. An R with the short top counter and a long sweeping leg would fit better. 3 Would work better if it was styled like a modified B. Letters like E have both inward and outward serifs while others like A have only outward serifs. Some letters have more flared outward serifs like E while others have more flared inward serifs like M. &c.

If you can resolve the inconsistencies, I think this could be a brilliant font.

Comment by thalamic Thu, 24th January

I see something on the far right of the ? symbol, you might have forgotten to erase it when you were done working on such letter...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Thu, 24th January

*Red Faced*
Thank you, @Se7enty-Se7en.  Jeepers, it's even in the graphic.  :/

Comment by SymbioticDesign Thu, 24th January

@DP Here is some advice: Try to check (and double check) your font(s) for any stray bricks before creating your sample(s)...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Thu, 24th January

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