Faq : How do I install fonts made with FontStruct?

We do not provide any support or instructions for installing fonts, unless the font files are clearly damaged or invalid, or you are receiving error messages.

We do not provide support for font installation because there are too many different ways to install fonts on different systems for us to realistically document.
In addition, font installation methods change over time with software changes and, as a free service, we do not have the resources to help people install fonts on specific systems.

Google is a much better support tool for font installation questions than we can ever be.

Note that fonts downloaded from FontStruct are packaged in .zip files together with a license document and a ‘read me’ document. The font files need to be extracted from this .zip file before you can install them.

One common source of confusion is that many designs on FontStruct are upper or lower case only – as a consequence there may be insufficient characters to display the complete name of the font in certain software. This may cause the font to be missing, or partially displayed, in font selection menus, or in font management software such as “Font Book”.

If you are confident that your font files are corrupt or damaged, please send us a contact message including the following information:

  • the full text of the error message
  • the name and URL of the font you downloaded
  • the operating system and version
  • the name of any other relevent software you are using with the font







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