Faq : How do I use the FontStruct Maker

There's a dedicated help page available, and a full video guide here:

Basically you just click on a T-Shirt icon on any gallery page, or the “Make” button on a FontStruction page to open the Maker. 

Then use the controls in the Maker to enter some text and design your image.

Note that text does not wrap automatically, so you need to break multiple lines of text manually.

We recommend trying to fill as much of the work area as possible (at least in one dimension – width or height) as this will give you the best possible image resolution.

If you wish to use multiple colours or are unsure about other details of how to use the Maker, please refer to the instructions in the video.

Once you’re happy with your design you can download it.

If you want to create merchandise, choose the Spreadshirt shop closest to you and you will be taken to Spreadshirt’s own product designer (an external site) - where you can design and order your customised products from Spreadshirt.


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