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I'm not gonna download this font, but I really like it! :D 
comment by MV42Rises on “G.lev-Max” (Yesterday, 19:59)


@geneus, elmoyenique, Aeolien, aphoria, Yautia and others: Your comments reinforced the notion that sometimes the less is more. At first, I wanted to... more
comment by Frodo7 on “Elbereth” (Yesterday, 19:47)


Congrats on the well deserved TP, this looks like crazy time consuming work. 
comment by Aeolien on “Fractal Patterns 5” (Yesterday, 15:51)


It looks clean, but difficult to read in the 'sample text' view because the letter spaces are uneven. M and N are closer than E and F for example. Did you... more
comment by Aeolien on “Newtral” (Yesterday, 15:49)


The a'r'm has put on width ;) and I angled it 
comment by Aeolien on “Cannelé” (Yesterday, 15:39)


rockvinny has just published “Newtral
from rockvinny (Yesterday, 14:47)


Wow! Exquisite. I agree that the partially filled are the best, they're not too busy. 
comment by Yautja on “Elbereth” (Yesterday, 13:13)


This is awesome. The partially filled ones really stand out! 
comment by aphoria on “Elbereth” (Yesterday, 13:04)

Jack Lee Jie

@p2pnut: Gracias! 
comment by Jack Lee Jie on “Dotto Sans” (Yesterday, 12:12)


First in the "want to finish but too many fonts and crippling apathy is getting to me" series. 
comment by j4s13 on “Click Here To View Your Arrest Record Sans” (Yesterday, 11:51)


To share the fruits of your prodigeous labour is so very generous. I am amazed at the comlexity that you have achieved here. 
comment by p2pnut on “Fractal Patterns 5” (Yesterday, 10:58)


It looks a lot better, but could perhaps benefit from being a wee bit wider? 
comment by p2pnut on “Cannelé” (Yesterday, 10:53)


Dear friends, Thank you very much for your feedback and generous rating. This work is not a sudden idea, but has a history. It goes back to 2011, when I... more
comment by Frodo7 on “Elbereth” (Yesterday, 08:01)


Fractal Patterns 5” by Frodo7 has been chosen as a top pick
chosen by meek (Yesterday, 07:35)


I have been thinking of something to say about this. But words fail me... Genius! 
comment by laynecom on “Elbereth” (Yesterday, 07:15)


Frodo7 has just published “Fractal Patterns 5
from Frodo7 (Yesterday, 07:13)


That is a beautiful, beautiful minimalist keyboard (the dingbat), and congratulations on 8,000+ :) 
comment by Umbreon126 on “7:12 Serif” (Yesterday, 07:07)


I agree with geneus and elmo. The part-filled letters show the fractal development very well due to the contrast with the blank space.  
comment by Aeolien on “Elbereth” (Yesterday, 00:28)


Hmm. Refreshing says it twice. I have to agree with elmo. I find that the most interesting glyphs are the partially filled ones. I like the letters that... more
comment by geneus1 on “Elbereth” (Apr 26th, 22:25)


oh my ... 
comment by geneus1 on “Elbereth” (Apr 26th, 22:16)

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