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The FontStruct “Game” Competition Results are out. Congratulations to everyone who took part.
Live post from FontStruct Live (Dec 2nd, 15:14)


comment by microlook on “Lonely Star” (Dec 19th, 09:13)


fs 5×5
Umbreon126 has recently updated “fs 5×5
from Umbreon126 (Dec 19th, 07:25)


(Thinking about it, there is really no practical reason for the "Surrogates" to even be included in the Fontstructor at all) 
comment by Umbreon126 on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Dec 19th, 05:46)


High Surrogate Private Use≠Private Use This PDF explains what the "surrogate" area is for/how it works *considers raising hand for Tibetan due to... more
comment by Umbreon126 on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Dec 19th, 05:43)


@Gvozd apparently you don't check messages: Is the High Private Surrogate Use what you need? If so: 1. Click on the "Expert Mode" button if it is not... more
comment by j4s13 on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Dec 18th, 22:34)


Ah, I understand. The bar is very full at the moment. Increasing the overall efficiency of the system should definitely be a prerequisite. Still, within... more
comment by Gvozd on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Dec 18th, 18:28)


Terminal One
laynecom has recently updated “Terminal One
from laynecom (Dec 18th, 15:05)


Our football themed ‘Best of 2014’ Newsletter is out (well Germany did win the World Cup!). What made our top 25?? ➻ 
from FontShop on twitter (Dec 18th, 13:22)


Freelight” by Yautja has been chosen as a top pick
chosen by meek (Dec 18th, 08:35)


It's a request that has been made many times before, but has remained unanswered at the moment (my guess is because the currently layout of the editor... more
comment by Umbreon126 on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Dec 18th, 03:53)

cirque traumaccord

First steps were inspired by cablecomputer Konnekto 
comment by cirque traumaccord on “00 CT 113 SPACE CLINIC” (Dec 18th, 00:37)


Mutilating Helvetica with Helvetica and Helvetica itself. 
comment by j4s13 on “forum: general typography” (Dec 17th, 22:43)


This quite soft for a stencil design - very nice. 
comment by p2pnut on “Freelight” (Dec 17th, 22:14)


Nicxe work - and a welcome gift :) 
comment by p2pnut on “The Gift Serif” (Dec 17th, 22:13)


I really like this, especially how you did the "arms" of the letters like C, D, E, etc.  
comment by sourbug on “The End Of Days” (Dec 17th, 17:54)


Yautja has just published “Freelight
from Yautja (Dec 17th, 17:44)


Up until now, I have done all my work in an old Java application with more glitches than options (TTFEdit). When I found out FontStruct supported Unicode, I... more
comment by Gvozd on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Dec 17th, 16:49)


@minniedonought - You are correct. Sometimes I type too fast and don't proofread! :^) 
comment by Goatmeal on “King of Dragons” (Dec 17th, 13:54)


comment by laynecom on “The Gift Serif” (Dec 17th, 12:33)


The Gift Serif
laynecom has just published “The Gift Serif
from laynecom (Dec 17th, 12:33)


@minidonut, Yeah, I chose to go with your diaeresis, so I thought I'd change the acutes and graves, to differentiate them from dots. @jimhv, Now I have... more
comment by CMunk on “Bolt” (Dec 17th, 10:27)

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