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We strongly recommend this fantastic post at @FontsInUse on the “Future Exhibitions” catalogue. Its from 2009 and features numerous early FontStructions.
Live post from FontStruct Live (Nov 25th, 21:56)

FontStruct Live Post

Game Over. Time's up for “Game” competition entries and judging is underway. Don't forget to check out the entries and favourite the best for the people's choice prize.
Live post from FontStruct Live (Nov 22nd, 07:46)


Love how the ascenders and descenders tie in with the tile outlines. 
comment by four on “fs dominoe” (Nov 26th, 10:11)


Great concept, execution and sample. It should be lots of fun to play this game, leaping from letter to letter and trying to read them at the same time to... more
comment by four on “Stepwyze” (Nov 26th, 10:04)


Part Frodo, part Gandalf: you are a wizard with these pixels. The underlying Blackletter is quite an achievement on a small grid like this. The layer of... more
comment by four on “Wrath of Mordor” (Nov 26th, 09:58)


@superdoggy: Right click on the page, choose "Show Source Code", then click on "tetris.js" in the code. (How it works in Firefox.) @j4s13: Tested in... more
comment by laynecom on “Fontris” (Nov 26th, 08:08)


If you press A while viewing all characters (or press the "Spacing" button in the menu), you can set the spacing. You can't change individual character... more
comment by minidonut on “Pac-Ghost” (Nov 26th, 06:26)


lol, cool 
comment by Upsilon920 on “fs chips” (Nov 25th, 23:22)


Thank you! That's the Hungarian scrabble tile set in the example BTW. 
comment by CMunk on “Word games” (Nov 25th, 21:54)


Fantastic post at @FontsInUse on the “Future Exhibitions” catalogue (2009) featuring numerous FontStructions. 
from @FontStruct on twitter (Nov 25th, 21:54)


Cohnisgone has recently updated “stencil funk
from Cohnisgone (Nov 25th, 21:30)


comment by j4s13 on “Futhark” (Nov 25th, 19:44)


what browser? 
comment by j4s13 on “Fontris” (Nov 25th, 19:42)


Dude, this took a long time to make this. It too late for me to space it, because it would take even longer for this. 
comment by TimocomlitaFontermaker on “Pac-Ghost” (Nov 25th, 19:36)

cirque traumaccord

PREHISTO NOUVEAU prehisto nouveau PREHISTO NOUVEAU prehisto nouveau  
comment by cirque traumaccord on “00 CT 76 PREHISTO NOUVEAU” (Nov 25th, 19:19)


@p2pnut: "Good call!" --Fosters 
comment by Cohnisgone on “stencil funk” (Nov 25th, 17:06)


@laynecom Where can I find it? :P 
comment by Superdoggy on “Fontris” (Nov 25th, 16:08)


very impressive!! 
comment by escaphandro on “Wrath of Mordor” (Nov 25th, 14:13)


I saw your question about the @ (on the Forum). For my taste it is a bit too skinny - perhaps the outside could be more like the width of the brackets () 
comment by p2pnut on “stencil funk” (Nov 25th, 13:09)

cirque traumaccord

AND NOW TO THE TURN OF "PARAPHILIA", which had also been designed initially for handmadecomp 
comment by cirque traumaccord on “00 CT 75 PARAPHILIA” (Nov 25th, 11:56)


ChunksTight” by DaveC27 has been chosen as a top pick
chosen by meek (Nov 25th, 08:21)

cirque traumaccord

Amongst several important improvements, readjusting grid filters in a better way while keeping it monospaced was not the most easy... 
comment by cirque traumaccord on “00 CT 74 GALACTIC ORGAN” (Nov 25th, 07:32)

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