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We updated the PUBLIC user pages today to match the layout and functionality of the new Gallery pages. See for example, elmoyenique. Your private user pages are still using the old layout, for now!
Live post from FontStruct Live (Apr 16th, 09:18)


MT!? dung loy sig moln nug mug? (You thinks you are MONOTYPE?) 
comment by lmz123 on “Logo MT Condensed” (Apr 18th, 09:58)


thanks for the intel, you two. 
comment by OsyenVyeter on “Osyen's question” (Apr 18th, 03:27)

j4s13 is my music. I'm trying to make a song but my perfectionist is pushing me into apathy. 
comment by j4s13 on “Electric Blue” (Apr 18th, 00:05)

Jack Nethers

You beat me to it. 10/10 
comment by Jack Nethers on “fs Squangular Pair” (Apr 17th, 21:19)


Thanks. :) I, as with you no doubt, did everything, i.e., all the art, compositions, and accompanying expressions/poetry. My covers, if you hadn't noticed,... more
comment by TCWhite on “Electric Blue” (Apr 17th, 20:22)


The font is so sexy and metro. 
comment by AnastasiaDunbar on “Surrender Everything Bold Square KATAKANA” (Apr 17th, 16:58)


You mean this one : Oops! An Error Occurred The server returned a "404 Not Found". Yes I did all day yesterday and today still. I sent a mail to... more
comment by Aeolien on “Osyen's question” (Apr 17th, 15:18)


Yes, I am. 
comment by opipik on “Osyen's question” (Apr 17th, 14:29)


Thanks! @TCWhite your music sounds great, thanks for sharing! I also like your album covers. I've made some similar music as Nyumis
comment by Yautja on “Electric Blue” (Apr 17th, 12:46)


Mother of ¡Meek! ¡Get this font top pick! 
comment by ivancr72 on “Pixel Dingbats” (Apr 16th, 20:51)


*I'm particu— Anyway ... I also love Watching Eyes, Aurora Borealis, and Vignette, which totally appeals to my love of trip hop. :) 
comment by TCWhite on “Electric Blue” (Apr 16th, 20:38)


I love it, I love it, I love it! I might even make an SGA font! This is instantly getting a download, thank you! 
comment by Skunkrocker on “Mysga” (Apr 16th, 20:27)


Dig the font, as it's reminiscent of old school metal. I also listened to your music, and I love it. Then again, I love electronica. I particularly fond of... more
comment by TCWhite on “Electric Blue” (Apr 16th, 20:26)


And so, thank you very much for this new GREAT Galllery, pals!!! Woo-Hoo!!! 
comment by elmoyenique on “zargentea eYe/FS” (Apr 16th, 18:19)


@Aeo: Thanks a lot, dear. In few words I make "homemade typography" at FS for you and people like you who like my work and use it, and I'm feeling very... more
comment by elmoyenique on “zargentea eYe/FS” (Apr 16th, 18:18)


I think this is my 20th official font. I lost track... 
comment by SilverfishJockey on “Nonoid Digital Matrix MoreLatin” (Apr 16th, 17:39)


nice crockery (said the 'old crock') :) I know what you mean about the compulsive pull of a design half done. Ususally I revisit my older work (to... more
comment by p2pnut on “Porzellanaeo” (Apr 16th, 10:37)


This font works really well on the album artwork. Had a listen to your music - a very full, rich sound. 
comment by p2pnut on “Electric Blue” (Apr 16th, 10:30)


2x3 brick combinations! 
comment by truth14ful on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Apr 16th, 01:39)


Number one on my wants is subtraction. I can't do a stupid geometric logo because of the lack of subtraction mode. Also the stupid lack of 3:4 angle. 
comment by j4s13 on “forum: FontStruct suggestions” (Apr 15th, 21:32)

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