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Go off grid with the new “Nudging” feature - read more
Live post from FontStruct Live (May 13th, 07:47)


AV04 Stenso
ConEAP has recently updated “AV04 Stenso
from ConEAP (Sep 17th, 11:25)


Arrivée Mercredi
Aeolien has just published “Arrivée Mercredi
from Aeolien (Sep 17th, 11:21)


Another good looking member of the family. 
comment by p2pnut on “Gimli Bevel Shadow” (Sep 17th, 09:09)

cirque traumaccord

EDIT on CLOUD BLOOD : many important updates since publication while using it as textfont for my BOOK. Think it's stabilized now. 
comment by cirque traumaccord on “00 CT 42 CLOUD BLOOD” (Sep 17th, 08:55)

cirque traumaccord

comment by cirque traumaccord on “00 CT 6 MICRONE” (Sep 17th, 08:52)


is there any larger version of formal roman? im using with chinese font, it is too small for it 
comment by wuiyang on “Formal Roman” (Sep 17th, 08:39)


Shadows” by CMunk has been chosen as a top pick
chosen by meek (Sep 17th, 07:11)


AV05 Logotype
ConEAP has recently updated “AV05 Logotype
from ConEAP (Sep 17th, 07:05)


CMunk has recently updated “Shadows
from CMunk (Sep 16th, 22:35)


@opipik - Then it is all the more impressive. Congratulations! 
comment by Goatmeal on “fs mug” (Sep 16th, 20:52)

PreCambrian Writing

well, all i want is smoothing, and if you truly understand the style of the scratch, then you can make more, but this is a messy font by nature and i plan... more
comment by PreCambrian Writing on “Chicken-Scratch” (Sep 16th, 19:54)


@Goatmeal: No, it's not 
comment by opipik on “fs mug” (Sep 16th, 19:03)


Frodo7 has recently updated “Gimli Inline
from Frodo7 (Sep 16th, 17:40)


Frodo7 has just published “Gimli Bevel Shadow
from Frodo7 (Sep 16th, 15:20)


Frodo7 has recently updated “Gimli Inline Shadow
from Frodo7 (Sep 16th, 15:20)


@winty: I can't fix that. It's not just the preview. 
comment by opipik on “JS/fs Turnin Text 2.0” (Sep 16th, 14:45)


Yeah, thanks for the input. I'm finished with this font though... mainly because it's sort of all over the place as I was just trying out the software.... more
comment by Structifier on “Wavy Disconnect” (Sep 16th, 14:42)


@winty5 I like Star Trek too! :) I might make a Star Trek font... although it might take a while due to my schedule. :P I was thinking that I could make a... more
comment by Structifier on “Free Wifi” (Sep 16th, 14:39)


I was being serious. So you already convinced me. :P 
comment by Structifier on “Gimli Inline” (Sep 16th, 14:36)


Ahh. Nice! I can collaborate by cloning it and making/smoothing out some more letters. I can't do it right now because I only have 5 minutes, but I'll get... more
comment by winty5 on “Chicken-Scratch” (Sep 16th, 14:05)

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