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We’re delighted to confirm designer, developer and FontStructor Shaun Inman and game font expert “Goatmeal” as judges for the “Game” competition.
Live post from FontStruct Live (Oct 28th, 09:17)

FontStruct Live Post

The latest FontStruct competition “Game” is running until the 21st of November. Read More.
Live post from FontStruct Live (Oct 27th, 10:43)


To create a color layered sample like the one above, clone this work twice, leave only Xs in one and only Os in another. Use space for grid. Then just put... more
comment by architaraz on “AT Tactica” (Today, 12:18)


comment by architaraz on “AT Tactica” (Today, 12:13)


Decided to make it a bit more unreadable, and finally added a bit more punctuation. 
comment by Allan94 on “fnt DeathCabbage” (Today, 11:06)


comment by architaraz on “AT Tactica” (Today, 09:12)


architaraz has just published “AT Tactica
from architaraz (Today, 09:00)


The Tunnels of Tralyoxx
Aeolien has just published “The Tunnels of Tralyoxx
from Aeolien (Today, 00:03)


Nurdal's Walk
Aeolien has recently updated “Nurdal's Walk
from Aeolien (Yesterday, 23:45)


added UC in 'more Latin'  
comment by Aeolien on “Nurdal's Walk” (Yesterday, 22:38)


That is a great idea!  
comment by Aeolien on “Word games” (Yesterday, 22:30)


Such a nice, clean look! 
comment by OsyenVyeter on “Just Peachy” (Yesterday, 17:38)


Hi, This is an awesome font and looks much more like the logo than any of the others around. Is it OK if I mention it in an article I am writing about... more
comment by joeblogs on “Dr. Capaldi” (Yesterday, 17:31)


Thank you! 
comment by k_holla on “Fluid” (Yesterday, 16:56)


Nice! Oh, right-a... So the Spiny Shell isn't heading for-a me? 
comment by minidonut on “fs gametext” (Yesterday, 16:38)


Really, you was the first. Good look. 
comment by elmoyenique on “fs gametext” (Yesterday, 16:06)


Word games
CMunk has just published “Word games
from CMunk (Yesterday, 14:00)


Your knowledgable comment pleases me very much, p2p Thank you  
comment by Aeolien on “Weber Ding” (Yesterday, 12:56)


Thanks p2p :) and yes, I hope for that, too. Thankfully his family are interested in 'real' boardgames and family life, not in digital pass-times 
comment by Aeolien on “Nurdal's Walk” (Yesterday, 12:47)

Jack Lee Jie

Jack Lee Jie has recently updated “Arrenswalt
from Jack Lee Jie (Yesterday, 11:30)


Dan* and Annie**. The companions. Innovation pushing toward goals. Get it now! *Dan coming soon. **Annie, this font, is in alpha. Will be... more
comment by j4s13 on “Annie the Sans” (Yesterday, 01:03)


With this version of the font, I let the grid slide a little bit for certain characters like m and w. The Nintendo font system that I used for drawing the... more
comment by Tinabel on “Rhythm Core Alpha 2 Tiny Rounded 3x5c” (Oct 28th, 23:24)

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