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Live post from FontStruct Live (May 13th, 07:47)


Ok, well fonstruct is glitching out a bit, but I was putting a picture response on it. In your font I put in "Well, thanks for sharing" And while I DO know... more
comment by OsyenVyeter on “Adaron II” (Today, 14:51)


Ok, lets try this again... 
comment by OsyenVyeter on “Adaron II” (Today, 14:50)


comment by OsyenVyeter on “Adaron II” (Today, 14:48)


@caveras main reason is that i'm lazy ;) but i also seem to remember that some of those characters use subtle antialiasing, which looked a bit weird once... more
comment by redux on “Chrono Trigger Monospaced” (Today, 13:15)


Its got personality. I like it! 
comment by OsyenVyeter on “Fate” (Today, 07:18)


Cute and fun, a great first font. Welcome to FontStruct :) I have not downloaded the font to test, from what I can see in the preview I think that the... more
comment by Aeolien on “Favourite Things” (Yesterday, 19:46)


I love it, very cute, especially for your first font. Congrats!!  
comment by time.peace on “Favourite Things” (Yesterday, 18:01)


FB Calculetter 2.0
minidonut has recently updated “FB Calculetter 2.0
from minidonut (Yesterday, 12:30)


Very nice and pretty! I really like how it is in script and also readable, but I think you should of added more capital letters.  
comment by sherry321 on “script Tea” (Yesterday, 12:29)


Very interesting, most of the letters seem to be broken up. What I noticed as well is that if one were to turn some of them upside down, it would still... more
comment by CherB on “future apoc” (Yesterday, 12:19)


its an interesting slab serif,but the lower case x doesn't seem to fit in with the other lower case letters, and upper case Z looks too much like the 2. 
comment by teaschmaeh on “Gatsby Slab” (Yesterday, 12:18)


Well done! This has a very Art Nouveau & Gothic feel to it. I LOVE the "N" and the "X" and the way they show this sort of curvature. Also reminds me of the... more
comment by gulloa on “Pointy” (Yesterday, 12:18)


Nice job! My only concern is the capital N looks off and the capital and lower case f look the same other wise It came out very well. 
comment by GDearles on “Fontstruction” (Yesterday, 12:18)


while al of these letters are certainly extremely interesting in their own right, the T and H especially, it is hard to see them as a coherent whole. 
comment by sipet on “Cherise” (Yesterday, 12:18)


The most uniform of all the fonts. This literally looks professional due to the Capitals negative space. The lower case letters are so much different than... more
comment by puortg2 on “Gatsby Slab” (Yesterday, 12:18)


It really is awesome to see what you can do with just squares- Good work! All characters are readable and mesh together well (I love the way you approached... more
comment by snydem2 on “future apoc” (Yesterday, 12:17)


Fantastically done. With such low resolution, this font is still able to capture the elements that make classy typefaces classy. The negative cross-bar pole... more
comment by Koppai on “Gatsby Slab” (Yesterday, 12:16)


The letters almost look like folded paper. i especially like the uppercase M. 
comment by sipet on “TD1Mod” (Yesterday, 12:16)


really interesting use of horizontal lines in this,and all the letters are easily distinguishable despite the large amount of space missing in each letter.... more
comment by teaschmaeh on “Kota Futura” (Yesterday, 12:16)


The negative stroke on the ascenders in the capitals works extremely well in conveying a coherent theme throughout the uppercase letter while still... more
comment by sipet on “Gatsby Slab” (Yesterday, 12:15)

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