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Go off grid with the new “Nudging” feature - read more
Live post from FontStruct Live (May 13th, 07:47)


I can't speak to the technical correctness...but I really like the way they look! 
comment by aphoria on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Today, 13:21)

FontFeed Post

Last week was a week of both celebration and sadness in the type world. Sadness because Swiss type designer Hans Eduard Meier passed away peacefully aged 91... more
from The FontFeed (Today, 13:03)


CMunk has recently updated “Charlotte
from CMunk (Today, 11:40)


So beautiful! 
comment by four on “db Melitta” (Today, 11:26)

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Argentinian letterer and designer (and friend of The FontFeed) Martina Flor launched an online greeting card service called Letter Collections. Each... more
from The FontFeed (Today, 11:12)


comment by laynecom on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Today, 10:55)


Thank you for all your positiv and constructive comments. I've dealt with the ogoneks and here's what I came up with. I know it's not perfect but I hope... more
comment by laynecom on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Today, 10:55)


After the discussion over at "Manuale Neue Bold", I have changed my polish diacritics a little :) 
comment by CMunk on “Charlotte” (Today, 10:44)


Manuale Neue Bold
laynecom has recently updated “Manuale Neue Bold
from laynecom (Today, 10:25)


@riccard0 Thanks for the vote! Nice to know those dingbats are appreciated. 
comment by ConEAP on “AV04 Stenso” (Today, 09:26)


I'm missing the letters Æ Ø Å. Could you add them to the font? Best regards, Thomas 
comment by jarh123 on “Mindstorms” (Today, 07:56)


That's not fair. Everytime I think I come up with quite a good font, along comes beate with a next level piece of art. To be serious again: excellent... more
comment by laynecom on “db Melitta” (Today, 06:08)


compare the x to the v. otherwise - 10/10 + fave 
comment by j4s13 on “db Melitta” (Today, 00:53)

cirque traumaccord

Thanks@Umbreon : with patience and obstination you can extract good legibility from the most unusual styles and shapes 
comment by cirque traumaccord on “forum: feedback” (Yesterday, 20:40)


comment by aphoria on “db Melitta” (Yesterday, 19:48)


Brilliant, and leagues above everyone else's work. You are king of the bezier curve, but it needs an uppercase for it to be of any worthy use. 
comment by djnippa on “db Melitta” (Yesterday, 19:47)


@TCW: The capital eng in this font is very nice, and preferred in the Sami languages that use it. Though African languages prefer the enlarged minuscule.... more
comment by CMunk on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Yesterday, 19:35)


Such incredible. So flow! Very contrast. Much wow! And you call this a work in progress. 10/10 
comment by CMunk on “db Melitta” (Yesterday, 19:26)


The level of legibility never fails to amaze :) 
comment by Umbreon126 on “forum: feedback” (Yesterday, 18:19)


What a great project. The sheer number of accented characters is very respectable. On the second picture a clear reference to Glyphs' diacritical "mark... more
comment by Frodo7 on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Yesterday, 17:13)


Stylish handwriting font with frisky strokes of brush or quill. Bravo Beate. 10/10 
comment by Frodo7 on “db Melitta” (Yesterday, 16:54)


@CMunk - I debated putting in a double-storey 'a' - yours is better than mine, and I might use it :-) I also tried out that 's' but I really liked the... more
comment by LexKominek on “Apricot” (Yesterday, 16:46)

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