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 by Amber Shadow
  • Currently 6.66309
6.7Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E6.7%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E5.5%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 2 votes
Last edit: 30.11.2010
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14 downloads14%20downloads14106 glyphs106%20glyphs106A favorite of 1 userA%20favorite%20of%201%20user1Made for ctinoscript, a variation of Elian Script made for writing in English and Lojban. ABCDE are for dau fei gai jau rei vai respectively. ' creates a small H. If you're writing in Lojban and want to keep all the characters on the same level just type H. - uses the [space] character. It also includes some neat characters like æ and $.Made%20for%20ctinoscript%2C%20a%20variation%20of%20Elian%20Script%20made%20for%20writing%20in%20English%20and%20Lojban.%20ABCDE%20are%20for%20dau%20fei%20gai%20jau%20rei%20vai%20respectively.%20%27%20creates%20a%20small%20H.%20If%20you%27re%20writing%20in%20Lojban%20and%20want%20to%20keep%20all%20the%20characters%20on%20the%20same%20level%20just%20type%20H.%20-%20uses%20the%20%5Bspace%5D%20character.%20It%20also%20includes%20some%20neat%20characters%20like%20%C3%A6%20and%20%24.


 by 3moDuDe
  • Currently 7.63802
7.6Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E7.6%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E8.0%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 5 votes
Last edit: 21.10.2010
Category: -
8 downloads8%20downloads83 comments3%20comments3120 glyphs120%20glyphs120A favorite of 1 userA%20favorite%20of%201%20user1This was inspired by Upixel's Mobivus. It began with the n and strangely evolved into a calligraphy-esque style font. Many alternate glyphs are accessible under the Hangul glyphspace, including:
> storey-changed a, g
> tailed f
> full overhang a, t
> alternate connections on e, k, x
> alternate S, Y
> descender-less G, J, Q, Y (two variations)
> barred Z, z, 7
> alternate connection with ink traps a, b, d, g, h, k, m, n, p, q, r, u, w, y, 6, 9
> alternate alternate a, g, second a, m, w
In addition there is a character with negative spacing for ligatures with f (e.g. fi, ff, fl, fb, ft, fk). This is located at the glyph ㄹ


 by will.i.ૐ
This FontStruction was selected by FontStruct staff.This%20FontStruction%20was%20selected%20by%20FontStruct%20staff.  
  • Currently 7.54156
7.5Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E7.5%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E7.6%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 8 votes
47 downloads47%20downloads4714 comments14%20comments14522 glyphs522%20glyphs522A favorite of 13 usersA%20favorite%20of%2013%20users13I began this fontstruction as a challenge to create a seriffed pixel font with grid characteristics similar to iSlab’s 8 pt setting (bearing an x-height of four pixels). This inspiration began with similar shapes and roots as its predecessor, but evolved from there once it quickly became clear that those shapes really could not be reproduced with strict pixels.

Then I went on a bender creating the katakana and hiragana character set.

Then I went crazy with filters and single brick


 by patricknas
  • Currently 6.13211
6.1Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E6.1%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E5.7%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 9 votes
Last edit: 03.09.2008
Category: -
16 downloads16%20downloads161 comments1%20comments1120 glyphs120%20glyphs120A favorite of 2 usersA%20favorite%20of%202%20users2

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