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Black Ink Brush

 by KeyToKiLL
Black Ink Brush
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8.9Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E8.9%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E10.0%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 5 votes
6 comments6%20comments6213 glyphs213%20glyphs213A favorite of 8 usersA%20favorite%20of%208%20users8This font was created with the intent to simulate some liquid ink on a paper, and writing it down with a brush.This%20font%20was%20created%20with%20the%20intent%20to%20simulate%20some%20liquid%20ink%20on%20a%20paper%2C%20and%20writing%20it%20down%20with%20a%20brush.

Badges and bricks

 by pippipix
Badges and bricks
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Last edit: 17.09.2010
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1 download1%20download199 glyphs99%20glyphs99

LFT Etica Display Heavy OT

LFT Etica Display Heavy OT
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