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 by OxC0FFEE
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Last edit: 17.05.2010
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10 downloads10%20downloads104 comments4%20comments451 glyphs51%20glyphs51Goban is a font for laying out games of Go (weiqi/igo/baduk).  I have included board lines, handicap spots, large and small black and white stones, and large and small black and white stones on each type of board intersection (corners, edges, and interior).  I hope that this is useful to someone; it works best in smaller sizes.  It is my first fontstruction.Goban%20is%20a%20font%20for%20laying%20out%20games%20of%20Go%20%28weiqi%2Figo%2Fbaduk%29.%20%20I%20have%20included%20board%20lines%2C%20handicap%20spots%2C%20large%20and%20small%20black%20and%20white%20stones%2C%20and%20large%20and%20small%20black%20and%20white%20stones%20on%20each%20type%20of%20board%20intersection%20%28corners%2C%20edges%2C%20and%20interior%29.%20%20I%20hope%20that%20this%20is%20useful%20to%20someone%3B%20it%20works%20best%20in%20smaller%20sizes.%20%20It%20is%20my%20first%20fontstruction.

Museo Sans Rounded 500 OT

Museo Sans Rounded 500 OT
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