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 by jere347
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3 downloads3%20downloads326 glyphs26%20glyphs26My third "font". I'm just testing different things in the fontstructor, so this is just a test. I will make more (and hopefully better) fonts in the future, that will (hopefully) be different than my 3 previous ones. And I'm again having problems with V, X, Y and Z.My%20third%20%22font%22.%20I%27m%20just%20testing%20different%20things%20in%20the%20fontstructor%2C%20so%20this%20is%20just%20a%20test.%20I%20will%20make%20more%20%28and%20hopefully%20better%29%20fonts%20in%20the%20future%2C%20that%20will%20%28hopefully%29%20be%20different%20than%20my%203%20previous%20ones.%20And%20I%27m%20again%20having%20problems%20with%20V%2C%20X%2C%20Y%20and%20Z.

Alinea Sans OT

by Présence
Alinea Sans OT
Some fonts you just can’t FontStruct. Try a non-modular typeface from