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117 downloads117%20downloads11717 comments17%20comments17113 glyphs113%20glyphs113A favorite of 35 usersA%20favorite%20of%2035%20users35A simple skeleton built up of wheels and belts, or nodes and stems, this constructed sans serif packs brief extenders and a tall x-height. The resulting display typeface accommodates tight leading and customizes easily in outline mode. Composite stacks yield the smallest matrix currently possible for this charming design. Though a more refined 2-times expansion is easy enough to imagine, economy of brick and scale lead to more efficient and exciting brick substitutions.
Don’t be a cog, try a clone and create your own variants! :-)
More to come...A%20simple%20skeleton%20built%20up%20of%20wheels%20and%20belts%2C%20or%20nodes%20and%20stems%2C%20this%20constructed%20sans%20serif%20packs%20brief%20extenders%20and%20a%20tall%20x-height.%20The%20resulting%20display%20typeface%20accommodates%20tight%20leading%20and%20customizes%20easily%20in%20outline%20mode.%20%3Cp%3EComposite%20stacks%20yield%20the%20smallest%20matrix%20currently%20possible%20for%20this%20charming%20design.%20Though%20a%20more%20refined%202-times%20expansion%20is%20easy%20enough%20to%20imagine%2C%20economy%20of%20brick%20and%20scale%20lead%20to%20more%20efficient%20and%20exciting%20brick%20substitutions.%0D%0A%3Cp%3EDon%E2%80%99t%20be%20a%20cog%2C%20try%20a%20clone%20and%20create%20your%20own%20variants%21%20%3A-%29%0D%0A%3Cp%3EMore%20to%20come...