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HaxrCorp 4089 Cyrillic AltGr

HaxrCorp 4089 Cyrillic AltGr
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31 downloads31%20downloads31242 glyphs242%20glyphs242A favorite of 4 usersA%20favorite%20of%204%20users4Clone of PIXELA CYR featuring some changes of the Cyrillic letters along with even more additional (extra) characters for Cyrillic and Latin.

Note: it's a work-in-progress... more letters will be added in the future... this typeset may also receive a slightly differing derivative one day...Clone%20of%20PIXELA%20CYR%20featuring%20some%20changes%20of%20the%20Cyrillic%20letters%20along%20with%20even%20more%20additional%20%28extra%29%20characters%20for%20Cyrillic%20and%20Latin.%0D%0A%0D%0ANote%3A%20it%27s%20a%20work-in-progress...%20more%20letters%20will%20be%20added%20in%20the%20future...%20this%20typeset%20may%20also%20receive%20a%20slightly%20differing%20derivative%20one%20day...


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6.3Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E6.3%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E4.5%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 2 votes
45 downloads45%20downloads45168 glyphs168%20glyphs168A favorite of 1 userA%20favorite%20of%201%20user1Clone of my MikronF-5x5 pixel/bitmap font.
The only differences are the slight changes in the "cubic lowercase" A, E, F, J, L, R, Y, Q glyphs and the numbers. Literally, MikronX is just a small deviation/alternative to MikronF-5x5 for the old-school lovers among us... Best used at font sizes 3, 6, 9 and so on (multiples of 3) or alternatively at multiples of 12 (12, 24, 48 and so on).Clone%20of%20my%20MikronF-5x5%20pixel%2Fbitmap%20font.%0D%0AThe%20only%20differences%20are%20the%20slight%20changes%20in%20the%20%22cubic%20lowercase%22%20A%2C%20E%2C%20F%2C%20J%2C%20L%2C%20R%2C%20Y%2C%20Q%20glyphs%20and%20the%20numbers.%20Literally%2C%20MikronX%20is%20just%20a%20small%20deviation%2Falternative%20to%20MikronF-5x5%20for%20the%20old-school%20lovers%20among%20us...%20Best%20used%20at%20font%20sizes%203%2C%206%2C%209%20and%20so%20on%20%28multiples%20of%203%29%20or%20alternatively%20at%20multiples%20of%2012%20%2812%2C%2024%2C%2048%20and%20so%20on%29.