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26 downloads26%20downloads267 comments7%20comments727 glyphs27%20glyphs27A favorite of 1 userA%20favorite%20of%201%20user1Anaxaimander, my first fontstruct. (sorry I mistakenly deleted the original description, I had lots of questions her which thalamic was kind enough to answer)).Anaxaimander%2C%20my%20first%20fontstruct.%20%28sorry%20I%20mistakenly%20deleted%20the%20original%20description%2C%20I%20had%20lots%20of%20questions%20her%20which%20thalamic%20was%20kind%20enough%20to%20answer%29%29.

UPC-A Barcode

UPC-A Barcode
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40 downloads40%20downloads407 comments7%20comments722 glyphs22%20glyphs22A favorite of 3 usersA%20favorite%20of%203%20users3Font representing UPC (Universal Product Code) Barcode.

About UPC:
UPC has the following formatting:
ZnnnnnnYNNNNNNZ; where:

Z - start/end guard bar
Y - midlle guard bar
n - digit from the first 6 numbers the code
N - digit from the last 6 numbers of the code

How to use:
You'll have to convert your 12 digit code into 15 strings:

first you type the start guard bar: Z
first 6 numbers of your code, written as usual: 0 ... 9
the middle guard bar:Y
last 6 numbers of your code, using uppercase symbols: ), !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (
the end guard bar: Z

Barcode: 256015 495837
Type in: Z256015Y$(%*#&Z

Please Note:

the horizontal lines above and below the vertical bars are there only to ensure proper spacing between bars. You might want to remove that, although it won't interfere with barscanners.
there should be no space between the characters, fontsruct generates them this way. You'll have to compensate.(corrected thanks to thalamic)

Update (03. Apr '09):
With Kerning support added to fontstruct, no more horizontal bars are needed. I shall update the tutorial illustration as


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10 downloads10%20downloads1094 glyphs94%20glyphs94Based on miniskip by Alan Bauchop. Please visit his new site,

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