ztires eYe/FS

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by elmoyenique


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Sun, 26th June, 6:41 PM 2011
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Sat, 3rd September, 4:59 PM 2011
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elmoyenique Mon, 29th August, 2011

meek Tue, 30th August, 2011

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “ztires eYe/FS” is now a Top Pick.

cablecomputer Tue, 30th August, 2011

Nice font and nice sample. 10/10

p2pnut Tue, 30th August, 2011

At larger sizes it looks a bit like tyre tread patterns - a really effective design. 10/10

Frodo7 Tue, 30th August, 2011

Letters imitating tire marks. Instant TP well deserved. Congratulations. 10/10

Frodo7 Tue, 30th August, 2011

Is it tire or tyre?

elmoyenique Wed, 31st August, 2011

@meek: Thanks for this new TP, boss!
@cablecomputer, @p2pnut and @Frodo7: Thanks a lot for your continuous support... All you make real FS!
And now, my words:
My much appreciated NE: Don't leave us, please! I want to assume that the spirit what inspired the creation of FS -I think- was able to create a platform where all (ALL) we can fit in, and I think it's also making work of all us constructing fonts with these bricks for everyone and all of us we build the site all in one (or 2, 3, billions...) At the day, the ways that you use in FS not anyone else runs, so those roads should not become empty roads if you let it. The importance of a success or failure is relative. As always says one of my great colleagues who accompany me throughout my life: "What matters is the journey." If you decide to leave this group of wild goats, I want tell you thats you always have my admiration for continous your hard work. "For construct, first we break it down", but this is not always so. Personally, I would not fail to meet you, either here or elsewhere. You're worth a lot. Think about this before let FS, please. Your friend, Elmo.
@jazking: Congratulations! This is your pirrica victory, abusive bullying has finally driven neurone error to remove all his work from the site ... what a sad little girl you are (p2pnut words). I meet you at work (???), big typographer (???) (my words).

Upixel Sat, 3rd September, 2011

Elmo you never stop creating new ways with FS!!! I love this one

elmoyenique Tue, 6th September, 2011

@ Upixel: Merci bien, mon ami. Avec de tels bons maîtres ici on ne peut que faire a bon de petit travail.// Thank you, my friend. With such good teachers here we can make no more than a little good work at least.

thalamic Mon, 31st October, 2011

The fs screams to have the letter width reduced so that the letters run into one another seamlessly.

elmoyenique Tue, 1st November, 2011

@thalamic: Somewhere, someway, with big efforts, the dreams come true. Thanks for your continuous support, Mstr.

minimum Thu, 9th August, 2012

elmoyenique Thu, 9th August, 2012

Thanks, Mstr!