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Mon, 16th April, 10:36 PM 2012
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Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Wed, 18th April, 2012

Once again you hit the target with your irregular but controlled sharpness style, mixed here with some welcome retrofuturist flavour. I have a question : Are you a musician ? If so, can we hear somewhere your dubstep music ? i like the genre even if only listen to it by some excellent internet radios cause i do not have a dubstep proper culture compared to other kinds of music...

NAL Wed, 18th April, 2012

Although I do love me some dubstep and am interested in the creation of music I don't actually produce any of it. I'd love to change that someday though.

Thanks for the compliment and comment!

p2pnut Thu, 19th April, 2012

A powerful design. 10/10

Would a slightly wider word space help?