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by shasta
see also Teatral Fill by shasta


Decorative western/circus font, inspired by Rosewood, Zebrawood and similar fonts. The lc are with inverted fill... Hope you like it! :) Check out the stencil version of this too, for a more rugged style...
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Sun, 11th May, 5:32 PM 2008
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Wed, 29th July, 12:35 PM 2009
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Em42 Sat, 17th May, 2008

Beautiful decorated font: I like the white outline suggesting an inner emboss that contrasts with the external 3D effect!

(I would suggest to add Circus to the tag list: it looks perfect for a circus name.)

shasta Sat, 17th May, 2008

yep, you're right... guess i'm not too creative with the tags.:)
thanks for your comments!

shasta Sat, 17th May, 2008

ok, everyone, we'll play some democracy here: i'm not sure if i should leave the lower case letters just blank like this. i had the idea to fill them with the same pattern, but upside down (black at the bottom, white at the top)... if you'd prefer that to the blank letters, let me know and your wish shall be my command...

shasta Sun, 18th May, 2008

ok, i'm not sure what political scientists would say about the time span of this voting, but i consider this a 100% majority... so here you are with the inverted fills. i actually had the same impression about the military look that didn't fit into the whole decorative concept, i cloned the blank ones for your standalone idea and made this one consistently decorative.
i really like the stencil idea, too... i'm gonna work on this one as soon as i find the time!

thanks for your feedback!

nemoorange Sun, 18th May, 2008

Truly gorgeous. And so many characters. wonderful work!

Em42 Mon, 19th May, 2008

Definitely more consistent with the inverted fill in lowercase letters. Great work!

fivex Fri, 23rd May, 2008

I love it! It took me forever to find it in MS word.

kix Tue, 27th May, 2008

truly excellent use of the applet.
i think its the highest level of being creative to work with bounded conditions!
great idea to just choose the invertation!
im simply impressed. super good work!

kix Tue, 27th May, 2008

btw... i deeply respact people with the will to do somthing complete.
187 characters dammit!


subway24 Sun, 29th June, 2008

That must've taken forever to make! Great job!

astronautchimp Thu, 31st July, 2008

i really dig this font, well done sir!

Axel Leyer
Axel Leyer Thu, 7th August, 2008

Woderful work! Love it

Stewf Sun, 10th August, 2008

Teatral was featured in my talk at the TypeCon Pecha Kucha. Here's a shot. There were 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

sezna Sun, 10th August, 2008

i think you should invert the letters in lowecase

kolarek Sun, 8th February, 2009

Great work - respect

PSerighelli Sun, 24th May, 2009

Awesome font, beautiful patterns!

shasta Wed, 29th July, 2009

I've adjusted the space width... Funny, haven't touched this for a year. I wonder how this would have been with all the new bricks and new features of fontstruct.

LexKominek Tue, 22nd December, 2009

I just picked up a copy of ffwd weekly in Calgary, and guess what font they used on the cover!

aphoria Tue, 22nd December, 2009

Whoa, awesome!

Great find Lex, thanks for sharing.

Congrats shasta.

shasta Tue, 22nd December, 2009

Wow... On the cover! How cool is that!? I don't know the magazine myself, but Wikipedia tells me it has some 70'000 readers... I guess that's my biggest audience so far.:)
Thanks a lot for posting this Lex! I would never ever have found that myself...

(They could have picked a different colour combination though... red/yellow looks a bit cheap.:P)

djnippa Tue, 22nd December, 2009

Shouldn't you be paid for it's usage, or at the very least asked by them if they could use it?

gferreira_admin Tue, 22nd December, 2009

Good point, nippa. Given the license (by-nc-nd) I think the right answers would be ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.

shasta Tue, 22nd December, 2009

Actually yes, I thought about that too... They should have contacted me at least to ask if they could use it, because even when the magazine is for free it is clearly a commercial product. I'll probably write them a mail asking for some humble remuneration, though I'm too happy to see my font on a magazine cover to start a war on licencing issues.

This is by the way probably a by-product of our fonts unauthorisedly appearing on free font sites. I have started releasing some of my work on (not including Teatral so far though), and the feedback is pretty overwhelming: Punched Out has been downloaded some 22'000 times within three weeks, and featured on several blogs, up to I've also gotten several requests for permission to use it in commercial projects. The bad side about it is that you lose control over where your font shows up pretty fast; I've found my fonts on several sites that definitely didn't ask for my permission. Which I suppose is still legally correct as long as they don't state having designed it and include the license with my name in the zip-file. (Which of course no one is going to read though.)

So the question is: to be happy about the wider audience and your fonts appearing even on magazine covers, or to grieve for the loss of control and potential license violations? So far I tend to choose the first option as I've never ment to make money with my 'structions... Might change some day though. :)

cayo Wed, 23rd December, 2009

Very eloquent.
I could not agree with you more.

LexKominek Fri, 25th December, 2009

Re the colours - in print the yellow is actually a light green. Quite Christmassy.

shasta Mon, 15th February, 2010

Here's a screenshot of the Fast Forward Weekly cover Teatral was used on.
By the way: The licensing issue is settled. I contacted the design director of the magazine and asked for a donation, which he happily agreed on. Yep: I've officially earned my first money with fontstructions. :)

Here's a screenshot of the <a href="">Fast Forward Weekly</a> cover Teatral was used on.
<br/>By the way: The licensing issue is settled. I contacted the design director of the magazine and asked for a donation, which he happily agreed on. Yep: I've officially earned my first money with fontstructions. :)

will.i.ૐ Mon, 15th February, 2010

You rule, Shasta. :)

Favorited, this and the under appreciated stencil version. And good work coming to a positive relationship and terms with FFW and for pursuing it to begin with!

p2pnut Mon, 15th February, 2010

Nice one Shasta ... you old pro (and I mean that in the best possible way) :)

djnippa Thu, 12th August, 2010

I've just seen a TV advert on Sky TV.
I think you should contact them and ask for a MASSIVE amount of money, for illegal usage! If they can spend £20,000 on one TV advert, I'm sure you can ask for a fair amount, or threaten them with legal action.
Here's the advert on YouTube

I work on 20% commission. :-)

I've just seen a TV advert on Sky TV.
<br/>I think you should contact them and ask for a MASSIVE amount of money, for illegal usage! If they can spend £20,000 on one TV advert, I'm sure you can ask for a fair amount, or threaten them with legal action.
<br/>Here's the advert on <a href="">YouTube</a>
<br/>I work on 20% commission. :-)

djnippa Thu, 12th August, 2010

Try this YouTube link

djnippa Thu, 12th August, 2010

Hopefully this will work


If not go to YouTube, and search for 'new advert'

shasta Sun, 15th August, 2010

Wow. Definitely gotta contact them, they didn't ask for permission at all... And in the case of a loan shark I wouldn't even feel bad for asking for a solid compensation ex post.

Thanks a lot for pointing me to this, nippa! I would never have found that on my own... Makes me wonder how many illegal uses of our fonts there are out there - I'm sure the dark figure is huge, especially of the fonts we (or others) put on dafont. Still cool that the fontstruct detection network seems to work in quite a few cases.:P

Upixel Mon, 16th August, 2010

nice catch djnippa!

Shasta, I'm sure you're right it happen more often than we think.

I think the easy and fair way is to ask them kindly to pay for commercial fee of the font, no more. I can suggest you to go on and watch other work and figure out how much you can charge.

But no matter if you get paid or not, it's cool to be picked et use in a ad.

tell us how you sort it out ;)

djnippa Tue, 28th September, 2010

Did you contact them? What happened?

ladyfur Thu, 10th March, 2011

that cover looked great. did you ever get any answer about the tv station ad? this is why i would only make things publicly available if i wanted them to be used by whomever. it has to be awfully hard to track down everyone who swipes your art.
in any case, it's a great font and it mkes me think of old westerns and old musicals :) i gave it a 10.
good luck!

winty5 Sat, 29th December, 2012

It hasn't happened to me yet, but if it does, i'm going to charge whoever does it.

Good eye djnippa!

This is a great font.

jovenapps Sun, 16th June, 2013

this font is great! Could I use it in an app I'm working on? :)