I am on the quest to create a modern widely usable font, with an interresting difference. The first stage of this journey began with my wild font "convention", inspired by the shapes of letterforms, found within architectural environments. The second stage of this process was where i created a font called "rebuild", where i have tried to tame the form from my font "convention". In this third font, i have made further drastic changes, to decide on these forms, and create a small font family called "New Build".
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Sun, 23rd August, 10:35 PM 2009
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Mon, 14th September, 9:31 AM 2009
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JoeAllison Sun, 23rd August, 2009

I have decided to name this weight as the regular form, although the bold and demi form were designed first!

JoeAllison Sun, 23rd August, 2009

All feedback appreciated.

cayo Sun, 23rd August, 2009

this one looks right out an x-wing fighters cockpit computer.

funk_king Mon, 24th August, 2009

another winner. very creative shapes and very inventive. although you have kept some of your signature shapes from convention, you continue to reinterpret and keep it fresh :)

JoeAllison Sun, 6th September, 2009

Ive made some large changes. Ive lowered the cap height, and the ascenders. Ive changed the curves a little to make them look as "curved" as they can! This should look more in keeping with the other fonts in the Family. - Joe