NCD Dot Matrix Light

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by djnippa
cloned from NCD Dot Matrix by djnippa


Clone of NCD Dot Matrix. This is the Light version. Works better at a large point size. There are also Thin, Regular, Bold & Black versions.
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Sun, 28th December, 12:13 PM 2008
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Tue, 15th June, 1:18 AM 2010
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djnippa Sat, 3rd January, 2009

intaglio Mon, 5th January, 2009

Beautifully worked out. Congratulations.

Upixel Tue, 15th June, 2010

I just saw this font and I say Ho! no it so close to mine!
Because back then, before creating Urbix I spend a lot of time on dafont, myfonts and other font site to not create an existing font.
of course a 2 dot stem and narrow font will be generate again and again.

when we go over the first look, there are totaly different

I love your mixture of rounded and square corner give it is unique look and less conventional.
Also for your symbols you don't hesitate to be more tinner than the alphabet, witch make the font more balance, I love that idea. I never permit myself to do that before looking at an experienced designer likle you I will do it for sure.

Love how you play with the Mm
Well done, I love lt

Thank DjNippa, I love your work