Grineer Language


The language or font of the Grineer from Digital Extremes amazing game, Warframe. Q displays the letters KW because that's how Q is written in Grineer. X hasn't been found or doesn't exist so I created a symbol for it out of necessity. If anyone finds any new symbols, please message me on my Warframe account or comment here so I can keep this up to date. abcdefghijklmnop(q)rstuvw(x)yz 1234567890 ,.?#~@
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Fri, 5th July, 6:04 PM 2013
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Tue, 30th July, 4:59 PM 2013
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fuzzjdc Mon, 29th July, 2013

they use a square as the orientation identifier

opolong Tue, 30th July, 2013

You are completely correct, I never even gave that a second thought. Thank you.

Fixed now.

Actually just tested what the letters look like without any curves and it's safe to say I was wrong to give it to them, Grineer is meant to have pointy edges.