Improved and extended version of French Defence for the best chess type setting. Keyboard layout follows traditional ones with little modifications.
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Wed, 19th August, 12:03 AM 2009
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Thu, 10th December, 3:02 AM 2009
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Frodo7 Fri, 21st August, 2009

Why is it important to have a chess font?

The algebraic chess notation is used to record and describe the moves in the game. For the figurines it uses capital letters (e.g. B for Bishop, Q for Queen, P for Pawn, etc.). However, players may use different letters in other languages. In chess literature written for an international audience, the language-specific letters are replaced by universal icons for the pieces, producing figurine notation. (source: Wikipedia)

Frodo7 Fri, 21st August, 2009

The French Defence is a chess opening characterized by the moves: 1. e4 e6.

The French Defence is a chess opening characterized by the moves: 1. e4 e6.

Frodo7 Fri, 23rd October, 2009

Keyboard layout

B - white Bishop on black square
b - white Bishop on white sq
H - white Horse/Knight on black sq
h - white Horse/knight on white sq
J - black Horse/Knight on black sq
j - black Horse/Knight on white sq
K - white King on black sq
k - white King on white sq
L - black King on black sq
l - black King on white sq
N - black Bishop on black sq
n - black Bishop on white sq
O - black Pawn on black sq
o - black Pawn on white sq
P - white Pawn on black sq
p - white Pawn on white sq
Q - white Queen on black sq
q - white Queen on white sq
R - white Rook on black sq
r - white Rook on white sq
T - black Rook on black sq
t - black Rook on white sq
W - black queen on black sq
w - black queen on white sq
Y/Space - White square
Z - Black square
1 - Frame top left corner
2 - Frame top side
3 - Frame top right corner
4 - Frame left side
5 - Frame right side
6 - Frame bottom left corner
7 - Bottom side
8 - Bottom left corner

The Sock
The Sock Fri, 4th December, 2009

Great font! Not that i'd expect anything less from a pro like you