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by planetkojo


A psuedo-military/sports themed font. Inspired by Armada.
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Sun, 12th April, 7:50 AM 2009
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Fri, 13th November, 1:54 PM 2009
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p2pnut Wed, 11th November, 2009

A good clean, strong font. Perhaps the word spacing needs to be a bit wider or the j a bit narrower as, due to its kerning, the tail of the j overlaps the word space.

kix Wed, 11th November, 2009

yeah very nice :)
what about cutting away one half of the "j" bow? and maybe lift the stroke of the "t"?

nice job

planetkojo Wed, 11th November, 2009

Thanks for the comments! Yes the "t" crossbar bothered me too. I raised it and the "f" crossbar to match. Also increased the word space slightly. I think it looks better. Thanks again!

p2pnut Wed, 11th November, 2009

Looking good :)

Frodo7 Thu, 12th November, 2009

Clean and solid shapes. I've never seen a "q" with a forward hook. It is admirable to experiment with new forms, but some of them may never work. The g,y are OK, but the q is not my type.

planetkojo Fri, 13th November, 2009

The "q" was exactly that, an experiment. It worked for me but it wasn't quite there with the others. I adjusted the tail with a more modern hook. Seems to "feel" better as part of the set.

Frodo7 Fri, 13th November, 2009

It's a lot better now, and consistent with the rest of the set.

planetkojo Sat, 14th November, 2009

So do I change the "g" as well? Much as I'd hate to, I think it may look better with the continuity. Taking opinions.

will.i.ૐ Sat, 14th November, 2009

No way! I say: keep the g as it is and consider using that inverted link on the y.

djnippa Sat, 14th November, 2009

Keep the 'g' defo the most creative and distinctive glyph in the set.
You've done the clean solid version, next why not do a more experimental cloned version.

Frodo7 Sat, 14th November, 2009

I would keep the g and use the same descender for the y too. But you don't have to change or discard anything you like. Keep them as alternative glyphs for the same letter. Or you can split the font and make two version of it.

And most of all, you don't have to do anything because someone else said so. Consider the good advice sufficiently and make your informed decision. It is untrammeled freedom that makes creative art so sweet.

p2pnut Sat, 14th November, 2009

The g is fine ... the whole set has a finished look to it. Now it gets my 10 :)

gferreira_admin Mon, 16th November, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Fleet” is now a Top Pick.

planetkojo Mon, 16th November, 2009

Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions. I think they all made for a better font with a clean, clear continuity.