I put this as DOVb so when you have it on your font select it will come up with the right characters for DOVah which is "Dragon" in Dragonic. This is a collection of all know Dragonic characters as of 11/11/11. The black squares are not letters. They are there so the font won't switch on you if you press a key like "f". Use caps lock when typing for Dragonic does not have a upper and lower case system. Periods and commas are also not used but I made some symbols that look like they could be made by a Dragon as well as a basic number system.
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Wed, 9th November, 9:52 PM 2011
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Mon, 24th September, 2:10 AM 2012
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Phill Black
Phill Black Mon, 24th September, 2012

I just wanted to let everyone know that I updated the font. It has a few more letters now. If u want to type characters such at aa or ei or ii, u will have to press lower case letters of certain keys. aa is a ei is e and ii is i, ah is b, uu is u, ir is r, d is ey, v is ur, oo is o.