Braille (Basic)

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by SquarePeg
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The Braille system was developed by Louis Braille in 1821.

Mew Wins' Morse Code Alphabet (International) inspired me to make a Braille FontStruction. I have only drawn the basic, or Grade 1, version of the Braille alphabet here. (There is a contracted version of Braille, known as Grade 2, and another version which uses an 8 dot grid. In addition, there are special Braille characters for accented letters, but they are not all standardized, so for now I have stayed away from them.)

Special characters: There are no capital letters in Braille. Instead, there is a symbol for "capital letter follows," which I have placed in the "at" (@) symbol. The "number follows" symbol is usually placed in the space for the "number" symbol (#), so I've followed that convention. In addition, I have copied the symbol for each letter into both the upper and lower case spaces, to make it easier to type something up (or select an existing text file) and switch the font to Braille (Basic).
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Sat, 31st May, 8:01 PM 2008
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Wed, 21st April, 7:11 PM 2010
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SquarePeg Sat, 31st May, 2008

Hmm... Perhaps because I used the advanced controls to increase the size of the dots and remove some of the space between them, this font has almost no leading.

SquarePeg Sat, 31st May, 2008

OK... I've fixed that problem. But now the letterspaces are huge. *Sigh*...

Onomateopia Sat, 31st May, 2008

Hahah awesome, i made an exact same font on the same day you made yours but after i made my version public i saw yours and i'm like woops, so i took it off. Nice job on the dot sizing

SquarePeg Sat, 31st May, 2008

Onomateopia, the funny thing is that I saw your version and started to make a comment! But by the time I hit "Submit comment" your font was gone.

What are the chances that two people make a Braille FontStruction on the same day, huh? ;-D

There are three different Morse code alphabets on FontStruct; you didn't need to take down your Braille. :-)

Anyway, thanks for the compliment!

Onomateopia Sat, 31st May, 2008

Oh xD! Thanks for taking down my double post. And i didn't delete my font. I just made it private xD. Yours is much better though haha. Wait, ill put mine up now for about 10 minutes =]

Nonstickron Thu, 3rd July, 2008

Great! Thanks!