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Thu, 16th February, 2:33 PM 2012
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Thu, 16th February, 7:37 PM 2012
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Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Mon, 20th February, 2012

Beautiful strong shapes. I think with some efforts we could make a Latin Alphabet adaptation. Some are already very close to latin letters.

Troutbiscuits Mon, 20th February, 2012

Thanks Neurone Error. My whole thing in creating this was I wanted shapes that looked like a functional alphabet and yet wasn't. If you wanted to adapt it to Latin be my guest.

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Mon, 20th February, 2012

Actually, i already began to work on it, but it's not going to be a proper "adaptation", more the free derivation to a personal work with my own signature developping a brand new style very freely inspired by your grid and some of your shapes. As i want it to have UpperCase, LowerCase, Numbers, and Punctuation, it might take some time before i get a satisfying result, but the first elements already designed are encouraging. We get in touch.

Troutbiscuits Tue, 21st February, 2012

That sounds great :) I look forward to seeing what you come up with.