5Quadrislash Original Chars

by Noah (winty5)

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There are 4 quadrants. Inspired by cablecomputer's Dequatrion. Weird stencil font. Work in progress, suggestions welcome.
Info Created on Today, 1:33 AM . Last edited on Today, 3:53 AM.
License Creative Commons
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You finish this, and mr meek might appreciate it specially ;)
Comment by architaraz Today, 2:47 AM
Those E,G are terrific!
Comment by architaraz Today, 2:50 AM
@architaraz: Yup, I will finish it, and the E,G are my favorites too :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) Today, 2:55 AM
Wow! You're getting better by the day. This is quality stuff.

OK, suggestions:

-B is too square. Maybe make it like R.

-F seems too minimalist. It would be nice in a different font.

-H's right stem is too thin. Consider closing up that gap on both C and H!

-Either get rid of I J serifs or add serifs to everything.

-J is too long.

-K R legs are strange. Make them like the left side of O, possibly.

-Not sure about N. It's unique. Well, I guess I like it :-)

-Do something with P like you did L.

-Shorten Q tail.

I'm giving you these tips as I think this unfinished typeface shows great potential. 10/10
Comment by demonics Today, 3:34 AM
@demonics: You're right about B, H, C, P but the rest I will leave because I think they are fine. Thank you for suggestions, I really appreciate it!
Comment by Noah (winty5) Today, 3:42 AM
Also changed I, and yes, I know the S looks stupid.
Comment by Noah (winty5) Today, 3:56 AM
Great beginning. But i definitely find it much closer to Thalamic's Quartertined
than to Dequatrion, and Demonics confirms it being even closer
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types Today, 4:44 AM
Interesting, very nice tweaks from Dequatrion! You're getting better day by day.

-The "I" is just like "O" for me.
-I'm not sure about the "N", but for some reason I like it :) Also, the "N" doesn't have 4 quadrants (as you said in the description).

Maybe N would be like this:
Comment by cablecomputer Today, 7:20 AM
Comment by cablecomputer Today, 7:21 AM
Great work! Maybe the I could work with half the width (unless it's monospaced). I prefer the Q in demonics' version. N is a fun individual.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) Today, 2:51 PM
Comment by demonics Today, 3:24 PM
My suggestions. See my font dm/nr 5Q.
Comment by demonics Today, 3:25 PM
@cablecomputer, demonics: I've changed N and many others, thanks for the much apperciated suggestions.

My english is bad :P
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th December 2012
@AFT: Didnt notice your comment until now :P

I didnt even know Quartertined existed (I wasn't an FS-or back then) But hey, great minds think alike (me, cable, and thalamic)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th December 2012