This is what my handwriting looks like when I'm trying to be neat. Also look at Doodley Bold. Includes cyrillics.
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Mon, 12th November, 4:52 PM 2012
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Tue, 26th February, 12:18 AM 2013
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cablecomputer Sat, 17th November, 2012

Good job! The childish style looks cool for me. And it works on small sizes :)

You may made the font had a not consistent height to make a childish sense, but some characters like A, B, F, G, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R are either too high or too short.

winty5 Sat, 17th November, 2012

@cablecomputer: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to fix that.

winty5 Sun, 18th November, 2012

Added more glyphs also.

winty5 Sun, 18th November, 2012

Fixed heights! :) Will continue to add glyphs so people all over the world can enjoy first grader handwriting.

Yautja Sun, 18th November, 2012

The period and comma are quite far away from the preceding text as seen in the sample text, they could be moved closer. Also the tilde accents could be flipped, and you should check è and ë!

winty5 Sun, 18th November, 2012

@Yautja: Thanks for the suggestion, fixed è and ë.

winty5 Fri, 23rd November, 2012

Somebody rated this a 1, this is a letter to that person:

I know this font is not my best work, but I'm only 10 years old. You can't expect a kid's work to be perfect, and I'm not even trying to make this work perfect. It's not supposed to be professional. If, for some reason, you dislike me, then keep your opinion to yourself, and everyone will be happy. If you're just an idiot who likes to go around giving bad ratings, then there's no point in that. You're just making everyone angry.

Please stop,

Frodo7 Sat, 24th November, 2012

@winty5: I like Doodley. It looks what the name suggests. Are you really just ten? Unbelievable. But, well, it's never to early to start fontstructing. There are two minor issues to consider. First: I would increase the SPACE a bit (this refers to the gap between words). The second: since it's a pixel font, but at pixel view it looks fuzzy, I would set the SPACING (the gap between letters) to be whole number (1,2,3 etc.). This will make the font pixels to fall on whole pixels of the LCD screen, and ensure their sharpness. After you've made the final touches, and you are content with the result, you can make a nice demo picture to show the true potential of your font. It can be a simple text sample, something similar that I've committed a few years ago here: squrible

On troll votes: Your letter is well written, but don't despair if your honest words will fall on deaf ears. These people, we call them trolls, have a limited brain capacity. They may not understand anything about beauty in simple things, and they never bother to create something themselves. Their instinct drives them to be a nuisance by down-voting good fontstructions. They've attended most of my fonts, and likewise, pestered most of the creative community here. In fact, there is hardly any font on the Top Pick list without one or several troll votes. Please, check yourself. If we look this the other way around, a troll vote is a sure sign you've created something notable. They don't waste time with fonts of poor quality, although there are plenty. So, welcome to the club. I gave you 10/10.

winty5 Sat, 24th November, 2012

@Frodo7: Thank you very much. I will fix the space/spacing and make a sample. Yes, I am really ten, hope you don't have a problem with that. I'm surprised you think this is good. Thanks for the rating too!

winty5 Sat, 24th November, 2012

Spacing set to 3 (fixed) :) Thanks Frodo7.

p2pnut Sat, 24th November, 2012

Don't worry about the trolls - they are a fact of life, like measles or dog poo on your shoe ... not very nice but soon forgotten.

The people who count will always say what they have to say to your face - like the words of that wise old hobbit Frodo7.

winty5 Sat, 24th November, 2012

@p2pnut: :)

winty5 Sun, 25th November, 2012

Sample image:

Sample image:

winty5 Mon, 25th February, 2013

I was bored so I extended the charset. :D

1saac Wed, 27th February, 2013

Hey winty. This font does not start with 5. Have you stopped doing that?

winty5 Thu, 28th February, 2013

Oh I forgot to put the 5 on. I'll do it later

winty5 Fri, 1st March, 2013

5 is put on!

FontBlast Sat, 2nd March, 2013

Great! A highly usable and childish handwritten font. I'm making a similar font with a lot of glyphs called 'NewHand' 10/10!

winty5 Sat, 2nd March, 2013

Thanks FB! I can't wait to see NewHand!