My first foray into FontStruct, there. It's a basic serif font, mainly based on rounded rectangles. For some reason it feels almost Russian to me, hence the name. I originally had planned this to be italicised by default but designing some of the characters were too difficult. Maybe I'll go back after I design a few more and extend it. A hollow version shouldn't be too difficult, I reckon.
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Mon, 24th October, 9:02 PM 2011
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Thu, 29th November, 12:19 PM 2012
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Yautja Thu, 29th November, 2012

Great first one! It does have a Russian feel. The middle bar on 3 could be shorter, and the bottom half of the question mark could be in the middle. The "t" in & could be more to the right too. Also the lowercase looks wider compared to the uppercase, maybe it could be narrowed a bit?

architaraz Thu, 29th November, 2012

No wonder Yautja commented so thoroughly, it does look like Yautja's style :) A solid first one! 10/10!

p2pnut Thu, 29th November, 2012

A beautiful first font - with a definite Cyrillic feel to it. Welcome to FS. 10/10

Oni-91 Thu, 29th November, 2012

Thank you very much, guys!

A v1.5 of sorts has been DONE. Here's the changelog:

- The 3, ? and & glyphs have been changed (thanks to Yautja)
- 4 glyph now contains a vertical bar instead of a slanted one.
- Lowercase has been narrowed 2 blocks for each letter in the middle (thanks again Yautja)
- Extended the character set by adding basic diacritics.