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by Frodo7
see also Elspeth Grey by Frodo7


This is a preview of my latest work: a slab serif with a contemporary touch. I wanted to experiment with Fontstruct, and see if it was possible to create a conventional font that did not look inferior compared to the ones advertised by Fontshop at the bottom of the page.
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Tue, 30th June, 7:52 PM 2009
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Thu, 19th May, 2:34 PM 2011
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Frodo7 Wed, 1st July, 2009

Frodo7 Wed, 1st July, 2009

At close up it looks a bit polygonal, but geometry is cool.

At close up it looks a bit polygonal, but geometry is cool.

thalamic Wed, 1st July, 2009

You took care to increase the curve beyond the x-height limits. Excellent. I'm so pleased. :)

thalamic Wed, 1st July, 2009

Might want to try a flatter bottom v and w.

aphoria Wed, 1st July, 2009

It's beautiful. Great catch thalamic on the curves...great detail.

djnippa Thu, 2nd July, 2009

It's seriffic. Spot on.

funk_king Thu, 2nd July, 2009

very nice. i think we need to get over this font inferiority complex. fs is what it is. for some it will never be whatever that perfect tool is to create the best looking font. as a designer to me it's superior - mainly for ease of use. i think if you're challenged as you have demonstrated, you can indeed achieve technical innovation. congrats :)

intaglio Thu, 2nd July, 2009

Dang. You've achieved in this one font what I've been struggling to do forever.
Double dang.

geneus1 Thu, 2nd July, 2009

Nicely done, Frodo. Gandalf would be proud! ;-) Uppercase?

meek Thu, 2nd July, 2009

Really amazing, all the better as the modularity reveals itself at larger point sizes.
@funk_king Great comment. I agree entirely.

jmarquez Thu, 2nd July, 2009

wonderful work!
really like the subtle contraste of stokes width.

meek Thu, 2nd July, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Elspeth LC” is now a Top Pick.

janking Fri, 3rd July, 2009

What is this based on, as it reminds me of a couple of other fonts?

What is this based on, as it reminds me of a couple of other fonts?

Frodo7 Fri, 3rd July, 2009

Thank you very much for all your comments. It is a bit of surprise, this font came out this nice looking. It
was not that promising at the beginning. Some of the glyphs are already 5th or 6th generations. Now the
work is half done, and I'm working on the capitals, and the numbers. I also experimented with a sans serif version, but it looked quite plain.

@thalamic: I've tried a flat bottom v, and w. They came out far too wide. The problem is, you can't set
the diagonal strokes' inclination above 67.5 degrees.

@funk_king: I agree with you entirely. FS is a wonderful tool, for it masks the daunting complexity of typeface design, and makes it accessible to a wider group of type fanatics. It is also a robust application
capable of great results. I use it only to amuse myself, and it gives me plenty of excitement. In the hands of a pro FS' modular approach opens up new avenues of creativity not considered with other tools. But, I still envy some script or italic fonts for their luscious Bézier curves.

@geneus1: Yes, upper case letters are on the drawing board. Actually, I intend to do a full set of glyphs,
even if it takes a very long time.

@janking: Well, before making the first stroke I've collected a number of slab serif examples from the web. After careful consideration I chose "Rockwell by Adobe 2 VP" to be my guide. I didn't want to copy it, of course. As the work progressed and I negotiated the inherent limitations of Fontstruct, a different set of shapes emerged. It is all in the tiny details.

stoni Fri, 3rd July, 2009

Szia Frodo7!

Nem csak azért írok, hogy magyar bejegyzés is legyen ezen az oldalon, hanem mert tényleg tetszik a munkád, szépek lettek a betűk. Természetesen szavaztam is. Amennyiben pedig időm engedi, úgy én is készítek vmit. Üdv, stoni

p2pnut Sat, 4th July, 2009

Like most newbies, after a few weeks of FS I was trying to create the best curve I could within the limitations of FS and my talents. I thought I would look in the Gallery for inspiration ... and saw this ...

OK, I'm now officially inspired!!!

aphoria Sat, 4th July, 2009

This is great font and I think Frodo7 has done great work here.

But, I'm having trouble understanding why this is worthy of a Top Pick when djnippa's Top Pick was revoked for being to similar to another font.

Please don't misunderstand me, I believe Elspeth LC IS deserving of a Top Pick. I'm not saying that Frodo7's Top Pick should be revoked, but rather I'm trying to understand the difference in this case versus djnippa's.

thalamic Sat, 4th July, 2009

LOL, aph. You raise a very good question. I'll be curious to know the reason for that as well.

meek Sat, 4th July, 2009

@aphoria and @thalamic. This is the first pick I've made for over a year. Maybe I should have chosen a different moment to do this ;-) What I particularily like about Elspeth LC is that it's a very skillful modular intervention in a genre of non-modular typefaces. It is similar to many typefaces, not just one, and it also has the unique polygonal qualities that FontStruct forces upon the designer.

I admire nippa's work generally, and policia has original qualities, but it is closely based on a very distinctive family of contemporary, commercial and modular typefaces. Gustavo wasn't aware of this when he made the original top picks which later put him in a difficult position - he simply didn't have all the information to make a judgement when he made that judgement originally.

Nobody denies that the vast majority of FontStructions and many, many Top Picks are imitations of one kind or another. Some are even straight copies of existing modular fonts. For me, the fact that Grant is stylistically very unique, new, commercial, and modular are important factors in deciding to remove the top pick. The policia fonts are not off the site, we just didn't feel comfortable giving them a top pick. To put this into context, in the history of FontStruct, we have, thankfully, never forced a FontStruction into privacy, let alone deleted one. Top picks have only been revoked twice, and I think in the first case, reinstated as I recall. There are no plans to retrospectively remove any other top picks.

Anyway, this discussion probably belongs in the policia thread. Excuse us Frodo7.

gferreira_admin Wed, 8th July, 2009

Beautiful work, Frodo7. Looking forward to see the caps. :-)

I think the space is a bit too wide; in a text font it generally corresponds the width of the i.

@rob: Thanks for explaining. :-)

oyrus Tue, 14th July, 2009

Amazing, inspiring, skillful. I'm still trying to make my first. :D

Frodo7 Wed, 15th July, 2009

I have finished the upper case letters. Numbers and other glyphs will follow.

kix Thu, 16th July, 2009

hey frodo7, i think the lower serif on "S" and"s" needs to be pushed one bar higher to match the x-height of the other glyphs. good work.

kix Thu, 16th July, 2009

uh... same for "C" and "c"...

Frodo7 Thu, 16th July, 2009

@kix: I think, you are absolutely right. Thank you for spotting that. I'm still not sure about a few letters, but let's just wait and see what others will say. Thanks again.

Frodo7 Fri, 1st January, 2010

Frodo7 Fri, 1st January, 2010

The numbers and other glyphs were added. And some fine tuning here and there.

The numbers and other glyphs were added. And some fine tuning here and there.

riccard0 Fri, 1st January, 2010


agerskov Fri, 19th November, 2010

I am interested in using this font as the font for the logo for my company (I'm selfemloyed) which the license doesn't permit.

Are you interested in finding a solution which can work for both of us?

Is there anyway we can fi